BEAUTY: Beautifully nourished hair with L’Oreal Pro-Keratin

So, I’ll let you into a little secret. I’ve found a little tip to get gorgeously nourished hair, using professional haircare products at home for just a fraction of the cost. I realised that just as cheaply as buying shampoo and conditioner on the high street, I could buy bottles of professional range shampoo which are double the size online and the quality you’d expect in a salon.  I recently tried the L’Oreal Pro-Keratin Expert Range from Salons Direct. Coming in at just £12.50 for the hugest bottle of shampoo I’ve ever seen (it’s 1500ml!), the first thing I need to say is this product is such great value for money. Yes, the bottles are at times cumbersome and can be annoying to use in the shower, but this bottle has lasted us months and is still going strong nearly 3 months later. 
I’d heard really great things about Keratin and opted to try the whole range of L’Oreal Pro-Keratin Expert to nourish my dry and damaged hair. My hair is coloured and breaks when I style it using heat so I urgently needed to replenmish my poor abused hair, and this looked to be the answer! The  range is packed full of keratin, which is amazing for the hair as keratin is actually the key structural material component of hair and nails. This is deeply nourishing, making it strong, tough and able to withstand damage over time, the range also helps to protect the hair from external agressors, which strip the moisture and nutrients from the hair. Overall, it’s pretty fab – right? 
So, using the products on my hair has been a real treat. You can tell from the thick consistancy of the conditioner and the masque that the products are high quality – you can literally feel it nourishing each strand as you run the product through your hair. The results have been great, my hair has been softer, shinier and most of all it feels thicker, full bounce and body that other products just don’t seem to achieve. I’ve been really pleased with it, with only had one minor disaster the first time I used the masque – it’s so thick I didn’t quite wash it out properly! My bad. 
It really hadn’t crossed my mind to buy professional quality products online, but now I know the secret it’s all I’m going to be doing from now! You can buy this range, and plenty more great products at Salons Direct – give it a go!

– Post in collaboration with Salons Direct

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