FOOD: Definitive Chocolate Hamper by Serenata Flowers

If you are on a diet, you might want to look away NOW. A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Serenata Flowers and asked to review a product from their website. Originally I thought they were more of an online florist; stocking beautiful bouquets of flowers and plants. However, they offer much more than that, including wines, chocolates, plus a full range of hampers as part of their lovely gift range too. So, after quite a while perusing their website, (I literally wanted it ALL) I finally opted for the amazing – ‘The Definitive Chocolate Hamper(£69.99*).
Within a day of placing my order in a huge box arrived on my doorstep, packaged to perfection. Our chocoholics dream hamper had arrived! I could have done a little happy dance, but instead I excitedly unboxed the giant willow hamper basket, enthusiastically pulling out each item one by one, laying them out across the carpet, planning which one to devour first!
 Whether your preference is dark or milk, fruity or nutty with over 1.2kg of chocolate (seriously, it’s so heavy) there is something that will suit all tastes in the Definitive Chocolate Hamper.
In fact, this was the entire contents of our hamper: 
  • Belgian Chocolate Infused Handmade Fudge
  • Luxury Ribboned Box of Belgian Chocolates
  • Luxury Dark Chocolate Coated Ginger
  • Champagne and Strawberry Truffles in Finger Box
  • White Chocolate Covered Strawberries
  • Luxury Chocolate Coated Peanuts & Raisins
  • Cachet, Box of Belgian Truffle Assortment
  • Luxury Dark Chocolate Coated Brazil Nuts
  • Cotswold Handmade Chocolate Meringues

So, where to start! Of course I opted for the biggest, most beautiful box of Belgium Chocolates. I can be quite a critic when it comes to chocolates but these were utterly beautiful, with the most deliciously devine fillings. Each chocolate was so rich you could just tell within the first bite that it was high quality chocolate and with a real mix of white, dark and milk chocolate there was the perfect balance in flavours too.
Overall, I really loved the variation of different sweet treats within our hamper, the Cotswold Handmade Meringues were perfect when a friend came over to tea and the tubs of Chocolate Raisins and Brazil Nuts were perfect for popping in our picnic bag and scoffing down on the beach. 
If you are thinking of ordering a gift, whether it be flowers, wine, chocolates or a food hamper, do check out Serenata Flowers, they offer free next day delivery and can deliver flowers 7 days a week too – I’ve been thoroughly impressed, so please do give them a go. 
A big THANK YOU to Serenata for the lovely Chocolate Hamper, it was such a dream come true to receive such a beautiful hamper –  I’ll try not to eat it all at once…. (but I can’t promise!)
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– Hamper c/o Serenata Flowers
– Photography by Carrie Brighton

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