LIFE: It’s a beautiful day for a dog walk…

Taking Robbie, our little black labrador out for a walk across the fields has really turned into my happy place. After a stressful day, just a few steps into the countryside and I already feel so much calmer and refreshed. With the sea air in my lungs, the sparkling turquoise ocean on one side and the rolling South Downs on the other I truly feel blessed to live in such a beautiful place. We were out for a walk this weekend so I decided to take some pictures, you can see from the pictures that Robbie loves it up there too!

The Coastline, looking out over the windmill
Pup rolling in the grass
 Looking into the distance we can see the Brighton city skyline
 Such a happy little pup
Pops of Purple
 The South Downs view
The Windmill 
Where is your happy place? 

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