BEAUTY: Face Forward with Clinique (including how I finally learned to contour!)

I have to say, I’m quite new to Clinique products. Of course, I’ve seen them around for years but never actually knew which products were good or what would suit my skin – basically I didn’t know where to start. This all changed recently as Vee is a huge fan of Clinique and uses the products daily. Naturally, my curiosity got to me and I started to try her products to see what they were all about. Then one day a couple of months ago, much to my delight, she came home with a free gift bag she’d received from the counter and gave it to me (maybe that was just a way of saying stop using my products!) but I didn’t care, I had my own little range to try out. Happy days. Inside my gift bag was a little bottle of make-up remover, moisturiser, eyelash curlers and a mini High Impact Mascara (plus a few other bits). Anyway, giving all the little sample sized products was perfect for me, it’s a fab way to see what suits my skin with little commitment or financial outlay… and it obviously worked as from then on I was hooked! I now use Clinique daily, my ultimate favourite product being the High Impact Mascara, I even included it on my Summer Face Favourites post recently.
So, that’s the background of my journey with Clinique – until recently! As a couple of weeks ago, myself and the lovely Carrie Brighton were invited to Boots Brighton for an exclusive evening with the Clinique team to hear about their new campaign Face Forward and try out even more lovely products!
The evening started with a few make-up tutorials, we followed the expert team through a light summer make-up look – right from choosing the right moisturiser to applying the finishing touches, I didn’t realise how lovely Clinique makeup really is. The most interesting part of the tutorial for me was learning how to contour. I’d tried various Youtube tutorials and just can’t get the hang of it, but using Clinique Chubby Sticks makes it sooo easy.  You literally just draw on and blend, ta-da.


Here’s a little snap of me mid-contour. It’s really that simple – draw a line from the top of your ear to the corner of your lip, around your jaw line, two little lines on your nose and finally curved lines around the outer edge of your forehead and you are done! Perfectly contoured skin. Who knew this could be so simple? In just 5 minutes you’ll have perfectly contoured skin with such a subtle gorgeous effect.

Here’s a snap of the magical Sculpting Contour Chubby Sticks (£19.00). Highly recommended! 

Other gorgeous new products are the Cheek Pop Blush -with cute embossed flower design and pretty bright colours, these are fab for the summer. I wanted them ALL. We also tried out an Ombre Lip, using the new Colour Pop Lipsticks (£16,00). If I’m honest, I’ve only just mastered contouring so have to admit ombré lips were a little beyond my abilities, but done right with complimenting shades it’s such a pretty look! I’ll have to keep working on it…
So, the Face Forward campaign is a little different this time. Instead of beauty models, they are focusing on promoting strong, independant women who have each made a career for themselves in their own way. They are also focusing on a younger target audience (i.e. – us!) as Clinique does have a reputation for being for the older clientele, when the truth is they actually have plenty of products to suit all age groups and everyone in between.
So, you need to pop down to the Clinique counter at Boots Brighton to see what all the fuss is about yourselves, and if you purchase two items (one of them being skincare) then you get a free Hydration Solutions Three-Step Skincare gift set. I’ve been giving this a go myself and it’s such a great little kit, it’s really helped me with some dry skin patches and leaves my skin so deeply hydrated. These little kits are dangerous as I just want to buy the full sized products now!



Thank you to Clinique for the fabulous evening and finally teaching me to contour!
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Fizzy Peaches
– Photography: Carrie Brighton

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