BEAUTY: Summer Body Shop Favourites

 Last month, the Brighton Bloggers were in for a treat. The Body Shop team were took to the road and threw us a lovely blogger event, right here in our home town of Brighton! It was a fabulous evening of bubbles, posh fish & chips (had to be done by the sea) and of course, a sneak peek at the fabulous new ranges coming out this summer! The event was at the beautiful Seattle Hotel overlooking the marina, it was the perfect evening – we chatted, drank bubbles and watched the sun set over the water. I hope we’ve manage to convince The Body Shop team that Brighton is the place to be blog events from now on! 
The news is…  The Body Shop have some really exciting things going on at the moment, they have lots of new products out, a whole luxury spa range and a few of the old classics have been redesigned too. So, here are my top Body Shop Summer products this year…  
Italian Summer Fig Eau De Toilette (£18.00) 
I’ve been a fan of The Body Shop Voyage Fragrance range since it came out, I have probably bought about five bottles of my trusty Japanese Cherry Blossom scent the years, and I think finally it’s time to branch out and welcome a new addition to the range, Italian Summer Fig. This new scent is fresh, fruity and so perfect for the summer. A juicy fragrance like biting into the most succulent fig,  grown on the sunkissed shores of Italy – it’s literally a burst of sunshine in a bottle. You’ll also notice the bottle has had a little revamp, the whole range now comes in these beautiful glass bottles, which look beautiful on the dresser too. A light fragrance and definitely my go-to daytime scent this summer!
Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask (£24.00)
I had seen the Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask on a few blogs and have wanted to give it a go for a while (lets face it – I was sold when I read it had ‘bouncy’ in the title, but I also heard it was a pretty fabulous product too). I first came across the concept of sleeping masks in my Memebox as it’s a huge trend over in Korea, however was a little worried about what I was putting onto my skin as I couldn’t actually read the ingredients on the box (which were in Korean!) So, naturally, I was excited to hear my favourite brand over here were jumping on the bandwagon too and bringing out their own bouncy mask too. The mask is a thick jelly like consistency and comes with a handy little scoop for applying it to the skin. You apply a nice generous layer all over your face and neck and give it around a minute to absorb into the skin, at first it feels a little sticky but absorbs so quickly and feels like the deepest moisturiser without being greasy. You then fall asleep and the drops of youth work their magic, penetrating deep into the skin overnight. It nourishes and plumps your skin so when you awaken you can visibly see your skin looks brighter and rejuvenated. It’s a fabulous product, I give my skin an extra boost by using the product once a week (or more if it needs it) and I’m always so pleased with the results,  highly recommended! 

 Spa of the World Range (£10.00 – £23.00)
Last on my list, but not least, is the brand new Spa of the World Range. We were lucky enough to get a sneak preview of the whole range before the launch date at the recent Brighton blogger event. The Body Shop have taken some of the finest ingredients from around the world and transformed them into the most beautiful, spa quality, luxury products. They have such gorgeous scents and aim to transform your home into a spa experience and pamper you from top to toe. My favourite of the range is the Japanese Camellia Cream, a sumptuous body cream with with an exquisite and elegant floral scent, it is also so, so, velvety soft. My other favourite was the Tahitian Orchid Massage Oil, this scent takes me straight to the spa. In Tahiti, the essence of Vanilla Orchid has been treasured in traditional massage for hundreds of years and the gorgeous scent entices the mind and body into deep relaxation. The Spa of the World range forms three spa rituals, to relax, revitalise and to create a pure bliss, and I can honestly say, they do just that. I can’t wait to experience more of the products soon! 

Thank you to The Body Shop for the lovely event in Brighton! 

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