HAIR: The Green People Quinoa and Artichoke Haircare Range

I have to say, when I think of artichokes and quinoa I don’t instantly think of haircare products. My mind instantly taken back to Peru – where Quinoa is a staple food and the dishes are full of flavour. So, when I was contacted by The Green People (one of my all-time favourite Eco friendly brands) asking me to try their brand new Artichoke and Quinoa Haircare range, curiosity just got the better of me and I just had to give it a go.
A few days later, I received  a little parcel on my doorstep that included stylish tubes of Artichoke and Quinoa Shampoo, Conditioner and Styling Gel for me to try out. The range is totally organic and made from natural ingredients, the range is SLS, paraben and alcohol free too. Packed with superfoods, the range contains four key ingredients to look out for.
  • Quinoa – (pronounced keen-wah) is a plant that originates from South America and is known for intensely conditioning and enhancing the softness and smoothness of the hair. Quinoa is considered a full protein boasting 8 amino acids to penetrate each hair shaft for powerful protection and improved vitality
  • Artichoke Leaf extract – contains high levels of antioxidant activity in the form of hydroxycinnamic acids.  These have been shown to protect against and even reverse damage caused to hair shafts resulting from exposure to UV radiation in sunlight.  
  • Chamomile Flower extract – a rich source of flavonoids and also contains aromatic components in the form of an essential oil. This combination has anti-inflammatory actions, helping to soothe inflamed, red-looking skin.
  •  Yucca extract – contains natural saponins that have foaming properties to boost the activity of the other foaming agents used in shampoos and shower gels. 

So, what did I think to the product?

The first thing you notice with the product is the amazing, unique scent. It’s a warm, earthy scent bursting with natural goodness, it’s quite spa-like and the scent stays on your hair for days. Secondly, when using the product in the shower – a little goes a long way! The natural yucca extract means the shampoo is super-foamy and thoroughly deep cleans each strand with just one wash, this is something I’ve found to be lacking in other organic haircare products. 
I’ve been using the products for two weeks now and I have to say it’s one of the best haircare ranges I’ve used in a long time – I’m absolutely in love! My hair feels soft, shiny and full of bounce, it also just feels so clean and gorgeously scented! I have to say I was dubious about this product with it’s slightly more unique superfood ingredients, but I was totally wrong. The range has given me fantastic results and the healthiest, shiniest hair I’ve had in months. I’ve also been using the styling gel to keep my beachy waves in place, I just take a small amount, rub it on my palms and scrunch. It doesn’t give that crispy hair gel feel and holds really well.
The shampoo and conditioner are priced at £14.95 each (200ml), the Styling Gel is priced at £9.99 so these aren’t low-cost products but in my opinion they are well worth every penny – plus, discount code SUPERFOOD20 will get you a sneaky 20% off too!

Thanks the The Green People for letting me trial your fabulous products, I shall be ordering some more very soon! 
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