TRAVEL: My Ultimate Bucket List Destinations

As you will probably know, I am always dreaming of my next holiday. My dream would be to quit work one day and just work as a freelance travel blogger. Wouldn’t that be amazing? One day. 
For now, I’ll stick with daydreaming as I’ve put together my ultimate luxury travel wishlist with the destinations I’d love to visit the most. So, here goes!

1. Japan – Stroll through the Cherry Blossom with the Harajuku 

This is absolutely number one on my travel bucket list. Someday I will travel to Japan, where my list of everything I want to do there is just endless! I’m waiting for the day I can book a long trip there and just  do it all and soak up as much of the culture as possible. My ultimate dream would be to visit Japan during the Sakura Cherry Blossom festival and take a stroll alongside the geisha’s through the gorgeous scented blooms. I also want to ride the bullet train to Mount Fuji, experience a traditional tea ceremony and of course for my dose of cuteness – visit bunny island!

2. Maldives – Laze over the tranquil waters of the Maldives
I’ve actually been to the Maldives before, however, I was cabin crew at the time I didn’t really get to experience it properly. Next time I’ll go with someone I really care about, it wasn’t really the right place for a group of workmates – it just wasn’t the same. It’s a real romantic couples resort so I’d love a break away staying in a water bungalow over the ocean, with a hammock swinging over the beautiful turquoise waters and a ladder to dip straight into the vibrant coral reefs. We’d relax all day, plunge into the sea, snorkel around, sunbathe and read lots of books. Would be perfect.

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3. Dollywood – Listen to bluegrass over the scenic Smoky Mountains 
It’s Vee’s lifetime dream to go to Dollywood and the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, so as she’s got a big birthday coming up we are already planning a trip to this stunning American countryside landscape. It’s not all glitz, bright lights and noise, the accommodation is in beautiful log cabins, nestled into the forest with hot tubs on the balconies overlooking the scenic smokey mountains. We are also going in the Autumn time so the leaves on the trees should be turning to vibrant oranges and browns, it’ll be beautiful – I can’t wait.

4. Arctic Cruise 
I usually love to catch a bit of sunshine when I go on holiday but one day I’ll do something totally different and take a cruise around the Arctic. Cruises have never really appealed to be, but by water is the only way to take in this stunning scenery. We would sail past majestic fjords, icebergs and glaciers, spotting the Northern Lights shining overhead. One of the highlights of visiting this area for me would be a whale-spotting trip, with native blue, fin, humpback and minke whales it’s bound not to disappoint!

5. Argentina – Dance the Tango in Buenos Aires

When we visited Peru in 2013 I really left a piece of my heart in South America and I yearn to go back one day. I just loved the culture, the bright colours and the people were so friendly! This time I’d love to visit Argentina, to walk down the colourful streets of Buenos Aires, visit the Casa Rosada and of course learn to dance the famous, passionate Argentine Tango. 
Where are your ultimate bucket list destinations? Share yours in the comments below! 

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