BEAUTY: L.A.B.² – Strokes of Genius Eye Brush Set

Make up Brushes are something I’m still learning about. I cringe at the thought but I’ll share with you a little secret  –  when I first learnt to apply makeup I used to just use my fingers for speed and ease. It gets worse – when I was cabin crew I’d slap it on in thick layers and set it with hairspray (why, oh why did we do that?!) It wasn’t until I entered the world of blogging and Youtubers a few years ago that I began to watch tutorials and realise that brushes really are the way forward for a flawless look.
So, given that I’ve finally seen the light when it comes to makeup brushes I love shopping for a new set of decent brushes – I’ve realised they really do make such a difference! Finding that perfect makeup brush isn’t always easy, I’m am a little bit fussy! However, once I find a brush that is good quality that works with me I’ll stick with it and use it daily.
One of the recent additions to my makeup brush collection is the L.A.B.² Strokes of Genius Eye Brush Set (£18.99). I’ve been using it for around a month now and have been super impressed! L.A.B.² are an beauty brand with the philosophy to ditch the heft price tag of beauty products and offer you ‘Luxe for Less’, and they do just that.
The brushes, made with FiberLuxe Technology, Titanium Plated Ferrules and ‘soft touch’ rubberised handles really do offer expert quality at just a fraction of the price. Fabulous! However, it’s not just the quality we are interested in though, right? With this little set you’ll also guarantee:
1. Superior pigment pick-up and release
2. Even colour distribution
3. Precise makeup application
4. Flawless, professional results
Each set contains 5 brushes, Eyeshadow Brush, Crease Brush, Pointed Eyeliner Brush, Brow & Liner Brush and the Brow & Lash Groomer, basically everything you’d need to create any type of eye make up look; from the natural look to a heavier smoky eye, this set will cover all bases. Also – luckily for me as a total brush newbie, the brushes are all marked with their purpose for ease too.
Overall, I’d highly recommend this set, the brushes are sleek, soft and comfortable to use and they give a perfectly flawless finish, my favourite brush has got to be the eyeshadow brush, you can really pack on the pigment and go for some daring looks, it really helps to compliment the colour by using a decent brush.
Lastly, here’s a little tip – You can pick up the L.A.B.² Strokes of Genius Eye Brush Set for £14.99 at the moment as there is an offer on…. You are welcome.

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