STYLE: Layla Rose Gold Headphones by Frends

Frends Layla Rose Gold Headphones

I have always wanted a ‘proper’ pair of headphones, however with so many on the market, I just didn’t know where to start. I found a lot of companies focus was around sound-quality (quite rightly so!) but they seemed to put looks and style aside and lets say, that just wasn’t doing it for me. You’ve got to want to wear your headphones too, no matter how great the sound is! So, after shopping around with nothing quite ticking all the boxes I stumbled across these gorgeous Layla Rose Gold Headphones by Frends and just fell in love, aren’t they so pretty?! With a touch of glamour and femininity, plus great quality sound – I knew these were the ones for me. I just had to have them.


Frends Layla Rose Gold Headphones from Avenue 32

My Layla’s are from Avenue 32 and came gift wrapped in the most beautiful box


Frends Layla Rose Gold Headphones from Avenue 32Frends Layla Rose Gold Headphones from Avenue 32Frends Layla Rose Gold Headphones from Avenue 32

So, I excitedly took these beauties out of the box (doing a little squeal of excitement in the process!) and I promptly popped them on, plugged them into my favourite tunes and took the dog out for a walk to give them their first outing out and a test run. All I can say was that I was  so impressed – they are amazing. Just amazing.

Firstly, the thing that sets them apart from the rest is that they are stunning, they are so unique but keep that elegance and femininity by being understated in size, they aren’t as bulky as I’d expect them to be and feel lightweight and comfortable to wear. Looking at the product, you can tell they are made from the highest quality materials as they are sturdy in structure, fully adjustable in size and the white leather surrounding the memory-foam cushioned earphones is just so soft. Designed perfectly with women in mind,  they have thought of everything and designed them to be comfortable to wear with earrings and avoid hair snags and hairstyle mishaps.

Secondly, the headphones are fully compatible with iPhone and Android phones/MP3 players and such like. The packaging states they are compatible with Apple products, however when I plugged them into my Samsung Galaxy S6 (Android) they worked perfectly with full functionality (phew!). The handy little remote control is fab for changing the track or the volume, there is also a microphone built in so it’s a hands-free set too, which I’ve been using whilst driving mainly, as I’ve used it once whilst I was walking around town and thinking I was talking to myself, I was getting the funniest looks from people!

Frends Layla Rose Gold Headphones from Avenue 32

Lastly, but not least – the sound quality. Now, I’m no expert when it comes to sound quality so I’m only basing this on personal opinion rather than technical knowledge, but I cranked up the volume (just in the name of an experiment, of course!) and it was absolutely brilliant, deep bass, crisp clear volume that goes are loud as you can take without distorting. The best thing I found was, although these aren’t noise cancelling, they do a really great job at blocking out external noises meaning I could get totally lost in a world of my own, just me and my music. Perfect. I’ve also used them for phone calls and podcasts and the quality is just as crisp and clear.

 Frends Layla Rose Gold Headphones from Avenue 32

They also come with a soft leather carry pouch 

So, after all of the hype are they really worth it? I have to say at £140, they were slightly more than I thought I’d usually spend on an accessory, however I think if it’s something you’ll use daily and make the most of it’s probably worth spending a bit more on. What really sold it to me, is that Avenue 32 have this cost-per-wear calculator, I’ve been wearing my Layla’s nearly every day, so if I wear them on average 6 times a week, it’s only actually £0.45 per wear. Sounds a lot more reasonable, right?

Overall, I’m so impressed with my Layla Rose Gold Headphones, I’ve also received so many compliments and questions about them, so they are a talking point too! They have become part of my everyday outfits and I never leave home without them.

Frends Layla Rose Gold Headphones from Avenue 32


– Post written in collaboration with Avenue 32


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