TRAVEL: 5 Alternative Cruise Destinations that look out of this world!

For some reason, although I’ve travelled to many places around the world – I’ve never been on a cruise! I have to say I had a bit of a funny impression of cruises, I think the fact that you have to dress up for dinner and that you only stop for a short time at each destination had previously put me off. I think I like to be a bit of a free spirit on holiday and want to plan my own itinerary (free spirit, or travel control freak… one or the other). However, recently I’ve seen quite a few ‘unusual’ cruise destinations that tickled my fancy. It turns out I was wrong about the ‘stereotypical’ cruise destination, it doesn’t always mean you’ll be docking at various European cities or maybe at a push the Caribbean (not that those destinations aren’t lovely!) but there are so many amazing cruising destinations to chose from.  Reading the itineraries it’s actually a pretty fab way to see a lot of one country in a short time, and certain places can only be accessed by sea – plus you can do this whilst sunbathing and relaxing on a beautiful ship. It’s starting to sound better all the time, right?

With all of this in mind we decided to do something different this year and go on a Nile Cruise this Christmas to experience cruising first hand! And do you know what? I’m actually very much looking forward to my first cruising experience.

So, as I’m always wunderlusting – I’ve decided to pick out some of my top slightly ‘usual’ destinations I’d like to go on a cruise around, and write this little wishlist – I better start saving!

Alaska  – I think I mentioned Alaska in my Ultimate Travel Bucket list post. This has got to be one of my absolute dream places to visit! I would just love to sail by the huge icebergs, spotting whales breaching and staying up late to watch the Northern Lights from the deck. It would be just so different to anything I’ve seen before and a wonderful experience I can only imagine doing by water.

Vietnam – Halong Bay would be the perfect place in Vietnam to cruise, translated to ‘where the dragon meets the sea’ its an idyllic paradise with over 2000 islands stretching as far as the eye can see. Take me there please?

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Galapagos – The Galapagos has got to be seen by sea, that’s the only way you can really do it. The Galapagos Islands are renowned throughout the world for their incredible wildlife, with a huge number of species that can’t be found anywhere else on the planet. Going on a cruise means you are not only travelling in comfort and style, but you’ll get the the expertise of nature and geology experts giving lectures all the way, so you can really take in everything the Galapagos has to offer.

Panama Canal  – Cruising through the majestic Panama Canal has got to be one of the worlds most unique experiences! Did you know the Panama Canal is a modern day feat that is recognised as being one of the seven wonders of the modern world? It’s said to be a magnificent sight! Cruisers sailing the 48 miles between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans will pass through its many locks, some rising as much as 85 feet.

Nile Cruise – Lastly, the Nile Cruise – we are doing this in December and I am SO excited! I’ve written about this recently so I won’t talk too much about this, but it just looks amazing and I cannot wait, it’s been a dream to see the pyramids and travel down a river steeped in so much history.

Where would your dream cruise destination be? 

– Post written in collaboration with Planet Cruise

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