Learning to switch off


Does anyone feel like they never really switch off?  This is really not something I have learnt to do naturally. I have one of those annoying minds that continually spins,  thinking 24/7, making switching off from the world is really hard, even when I’m in the most relaxing of settings. I think with modern living, being relaxed is all about being mindful – you have to create time to relax, tell yourself you need to relax, rather than just waiting for it to happen.

That’s why I was inspired by the recent ‘The best things in life are Freemans‘ campaign –  such a fantastic idea, and a good refresher that we all need that quality ‘me time‘ to switch off from the world and of course, the best things in life are also quite often free.

To celebrate quality ‘me-time’ Freemans sent me a lovely parcel, with a new gorgeous Autumn/Winter outfit to wear and a pamper pack to get me thinking about why it’s important to take that time to switch off and recharge my batteries, both mentally and physically now and again.

Freemans Pamper Pack

So, in the spirit of ‘me-time’, wrapped in my gorgeous Heine Kit Poncho, today I took some time out to sit in front of the open fire, with Robbie by my side and we watched all of the trashy Netflix I’ve been saying I wanted to watch for months, I also painted my nails and drank numerous cups of tea. It was BLISS.  Whilst I was doing this, I got thinking, I really need to make more time for relaxation, I’m so bad at it! So, to make myself do do this  I’ve come up with this little list of things to do to make sure I take some time out, at least once a day:

  • Take Robbie for a long walk
  • Listen to an Audiobook (here’s my favourite Autumn books)
  • Have a pamper session
  • Cook a delicious meal
  • Journaling
  • Yoga
  • Crochet
  • Play a computer game (loving Legend of Zelda at the moment)
  • Have a long bath
  • Catch up with my favourite blogs
  • Watch trashy TV (the stuff Vee hates that I save up on the planner for evenings by myself)

Freemans pamper pack

I hope this post has inspired you to write your own list of ‘me-time’ activities, it’s such an important thing to do so make you you have your ‘me-time’ today and let me know how you get on!

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