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Travel Inspiration - Turkey 2016

At the moment I’m ‘up north’ for work and today has been cold, rainy and grey in Manchester. For me, that only leaves one option…. it is time to start dreaming about my next holiday. I can’t believe that after we go to Egypt for Christmas we have no more holidays booked (shock horror!) so I need to get my serious thinking cap on and come up with some travel inspiration for 2016. I live for my holidays and absolutely love to have something exciting to look forward to for the year ahead, so I can start counting down those days.

Earlier in the year I wrote my Ultimate Bucket List Destinations, which I think were a little ambitious for one year, so I’ve put together a few ideas that are slightly more ‘do-able’…. I’m sure I won’t be lucky enough to go on them all, but a girl can dream right? Hopefully, if you are feeling like me and planning on your escape from the cold, drizzle and rain, this will give you some inspiration for some sunnier climes too… do let me know what you think!

Citybreak: Paris
After what happened in Paris over my 30th birthday, the first place we want to go back to is Paris. It was such a sad thing to happen and such a shame that I didn’t get to see the city properly – I feel I owe it to Paris to go back and experience it 100%, in all it’s glory, it’s such a beautiful place, even in the worse circumstances we had a managed to create a lovely time, so next time will be amazing. Plus – we never did get to the Moulin Rouge.

Beach and Exploration: Croatia
We’ve been looking at various trips around Croatia this summer and are thinking of just jumping on a plane, hiring a car and exploring! It’s relatively cheap out there so travelling around should be good value and easy to do, plus the scenery looks just stunning. I really want to visit Croatia before it gets too touristy and catch it whilst it’s still so unspoilt.

Turkey - Travel Inspiration 2016

Luxury: Cruise
I’ve been talking about it for years and to-ing and fro-ing with the idea of going on a cruise. I’m not 100% sold, but I think the only way I can tell if I’m going to like it, is to try one and I think we are going to go for it! I  have found a mediterranean cruise I quite fancy as it would mean visiting quite a few different countries in one holiday, which really appeals, plus some of the cruise ships look so exciting too. It’ll be a real experience – Let’s just hope I don’t get sea sick! 🙂

Big Adventure: Japan
I’m not sure if I’m just dreaming here, but I’m still planning and hoping for my ultimate dream holiday to Japan. One day I will get there! And when I do I will dance through the cherry blossom, eat as much as I possibly can and visit everything that is even affiliated with Studio Ghibli. It will be amazing. One day.


Inca Trail Peru - Travel Inspiration 2016

So that’s my wishlist for 2016. It’s ambitious, but you never know! Where are you planning on visiting this year? I’d love to hear how your travel plans are getting on. If you need some more inspiration, here are a few of my previous travel posts to get those wonderlusting travel senses going…

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Post written in collaboration with Bolsover Cruise Club

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  • Croatia’s definitely worth a trip. I went to Zagreb for a weekend and the people were lovely, plus there’s loads of nice parts of the city the wander around. I fancy a trip to one of the beach resorts next.