Christmas Party Planning

It’s that time of year when we all starting thinking (or panicking) about the office Christmas party. It’s an odd one, on one hand you want to dress up, have a really nice time, but unless you get on really well with your colleagues on a personal level, there is always an underlaying feeling of awkwardness – as you know deep down apart from Christmas, you’d never hang out with these people. Right?

So the planning for a christmas party is crucial, you not only want to make a comfortable environment for yourself and your colleagues, but look and feel good too.

Christmas Party Planning


If you have a large team, your best bet is to hire out a venue, so you can make the space your own and get really creative. There are some really stylish venues to hire out around London and across the country, which are a great place to start. I once went to a Christmas Party for a travel company I worked for and they had decorated the venue as an airport terminal, with all the same signs as in the airport in the corridors, as we arrived we got our ‘boarding passes’ it was a really fun idea and certainly a talking point!


Planning the perfect Christmas Party


The best way to break the ice at a Christmas party (other than alcohol!) is to have some fun games/activities for people to take part in. This doesn’t have to mean cringey ‘pin the nose on the snowman‘ type party games, instead something like these Conversation Starter Cards will get people talking without even having to try. Also, everyone loves a photobooth! It doesn’t have to be professional, just find a blank backdrop, set up a camera and download these free printable photo props and you’ll have endless entertainment and hilarious photos in no time at all! Lastly, if you want to give a small gift to the people in your team, these DIY cocktail mason jars make a relatively cheap and easy idea that everyone will love.


Christmas is the one time of year you can get away with wearing literally head to toe sparkles and there are some amazing sparkly dresses out at the moment. One of my favourites being this gorgeous Gold Metallic Zig-Zag Bodycon dress which at £14.99 won’t break the bank. Other fun ideas if you don’t feel like dressing up is to have a Christmas Jumper theme, the tackier the better!



The most important part of this post….

Planning the perfect Christmas Party


Have fun at your Christmas Parties this year and be good!



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