Geeks Unite! Star Wars is out tomorrow (and some funky Lego too!) #Legotothemovies

Lego Star Wars

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by George at Asda to chat about 3 of my favourites things… Christmas, Lego and Star Wars. That is a pretty cool (and geeky) combination, right? Turns out, to celebrate the release of the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens (which comes out TOMORROW!) they wanted to send me some Lego Star Wars to play with and a couple of tickets to see the new movie. Aren’t they the best?

Lego Star Wars - Death Star Final Duel

Now, you might not know this but Vee is absolutely fanatical about Star Wars and Lego. Our house is slowly being taken over by Star Wars models, from the AT-AT Walker to the Millennium Falcon, she has quite a collection going on! So when I called her and told her we would be reviewing some Star Wars Lego she was ecstatic to say the least and couldn’t wait to add to her growing myriad of Lego. So for this one, I let her take the reigns and head up the review.

After scanning the website for quite some time, she decided to go for the Death Star Final Duel from Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi, complete with a collapsible bridge, swing out side seconds and a light saber pop-up function.

Vee’s parcel arrived quickly and after me reminding her she can’t just rip it open as it needs to be photographed carefully (welcome to Blogger life) she begrudgingly took some photos of the product, then ripped it open and finally got to work doing the fun bit… Building!

Lego Star Wars - Death Star Final Duel

At this point, I’ll hand you over to Vee herself:

“It was really fun to build. Because its in 4 seperate elements, its almost like you get 4 models to build. Each element has its own unique aspect that makes it interesting – like the shaft on the right side, the collapsible walkway and collapsible stairs or the lightsaber that can be vaulted in to the hands of Luke whilst hes fighting Darth Vadar.”

Lego Star Wars - Death Star Final Duel

If you are looking to buy Star Wars Lego this Christmas, try George at Asda. It wouldn’t normally be my first port of call for a product like this but I also noticed George stock this product at £54.97, compared to £69.99 on the official website (plus loads of other discounted Lego peoducts) so there are some real savings to be had.

Tonight we are off to see the movie premier in Brighton which starts at midnight! I have no idea how I am going to stay up that late on a school night – think I’ll need some super sugar-packed pick’n’mix and a fizzy pop or two! 😉

Thanks to George for having us for this super geek-tastic campaign. May the force be with you!

Lego Star Wars - Death Star Final Duel

Post written in collaboration with George at Asda

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  • This looks like so much fun! I do love tiny toys…and I’m so excited for Stars Wars! Although I’m waiting til the crowds die down a bit, I hate noise during movies 😉