Keep those pyjamas snuggly warm this winter!


I love Winter, for me it’s all about being tucked up, snuggly warm in my home, whilst it’s cold and dark outside. It’s the perfect excuse to put on pyjamas at 6pm and drink unlimited amounts of hot chocolate! After all, that extra padding just keeps us warm too, right? I was recently contacted by British Gas who asked me to make a video of my top ‘Winter Hack’ for staying snuggly warm this winter. The hack they chose for me was ‘warming my pyjamas before bed’ – they obviously know me VERY well, as I do this every night!

So here goes, here is my winter hack video:

I warmed my pyjamas in 3 different ways…

  •  Placing PJ’s in front of the open fire – this was by far the best way to do it, they warmed up quickly and didn’t cost me any additional money to heat. Toasty warm in no time!
  • Warm the bed and pyjamas using an electric blanket – (firstly, anyone spot the Tardis bedsheets?) – this works well, but uses electricity and takes a while to warm up. Great plan if you are prepared and turn the blanket on around 30 minutes before you plan to go to bed as it warms the bed up nicely too. Our electric blanket is an energy efficient and only costs a couple of pence a day to run so it’s pretty cost-effective.
  • Placing them under your pet – maybe the least effective method (but the cutest!) Robbie is like a little hot water bottle and always warms me up when I’m feeling chilly, however getting him to lay on my PJ’s was a bit of a challenge, he would only stay still if I offered belly rubs and attention (if you turn the video up you can hear him whining on the video as I stopped the belly rubs to film!) I’d stick to the first two methods to be honest!

This was just a bit of fun, but in all seriousness we have been trying our best to cut our energy bills this winter and become a little more eco-friendly. One of our techniques this year is to use our open fire where we can. We’ve stopped putting our heating on in the evenings and light a fire in our living room using eco-logs which last all evening and are quite cheap to buy in bulk. Because of this, we are probably using our heating about half as much as usual cutting our costs right down – plus it’s gorgeous to sit by and watch the flames dance. Of course, we still pop the heating on for the mornings and for hot water, but every little helps.

You can see my video, plus the other bloggers that were involved on The British Gas blog for more winter hacks.


How do you keep your home warm during the winter? 



Post written in collaboration with British Gas



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  • Oh god I miss my electric blanket so much! I always pop my pyjamas in the airing cupboard in the winter and warm them on my radiator as I shower/take a bath! x