A magical night at Enchanted Park Lewes

Enchanted Park Lewes

Last night we decided to get ourselves in the festive spirit and took a magical adventure through the Enchanted Park, Lewes. Set up in Southover Grange Gardens, the Enchanted Park features ‘spellbinding art, projections and digital media‘  and takes you on a majestic after-dark journey through the park.

Enchanted Park - Lewes

The experience is quite surreal, with the park only opening after dark, you wander down illuminated pathways meandering around the park, taking in various colours, lights and a cacophony of strange and bizarre sounds, all shrouded in mist to make your journey one of wonder. The pièce de résistance was the majestic Southover Grange House; fully illuminated with projectors showing all kinds of colourful decorations with bright colours, patterns, princesses, fish and a giant frogs springing out of nowhere (including sound affects). I’m telling you, it was quite bizarre but you couldn’t help but stand in awe as the beautiful building morphed into the next scene.

Enchanted Park Lewes

We visited as a couple, which was a lovely experience and something different for us to do, but I can’t help but feel this is ideally designed for families. As we walked around the park I noticed a few families and could see the wonder and amazement in the children’s faces in park as they were exploring the mysterious forest. They were excitedly running around the exhibitions and looking for the next mystery. As adults, it’s still very much an enjoyable experience however I think without children we missed a huge section of the mystery and wonder the park brings. That said, it is still a great place experience to appreciate impressive digital media and installation art and there are some performances dotted around the park too keeping the adults and children entertained alike. I’ve certainly never seen anything like it!

Enchanted Park Lewes

Enchanted Park Lewes

I think our only criticism would be that the stewards could have been a little more attentive. There was little direction and we spent a while being lost and unsure where to go (it’s a little confusing in the dark!), it a minor detail but it would have made our experience a little smoother. There were loads of stewards about – they were Christmas lights which is a fun idea and nice and bright to see!

Overall, it was a really unique experience and we had a lovely, festive evening. We came home and chatted over the exhibitions in front of the open fire to warm up! At the Enchanted Park, Lewes, there is something everyone can enjoy, however I would particularly recommend it to those with small children as I think they will absolutely love the magical adventure and mystery.

Enchanted Park Lewes

The park is open between the 2nd December – 13th December, entry starts from 4pm with various pre-bookable time slots throughout the evening. You can book tickets online (or there are a limited amount on the door). The park is fully wheelchair/buggy accessible and easy to walk about, wear something warm – it gets really chilly!


I was kindly gifted two tickets to Enchanted Park in return for an honest and unbiased review


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  • This looks like a beautiful (slightly creepy lol) place! Love seeing new places, so I’d definitely check it out if I was nearby while it’s open!