#RIGiveADogAHome – Give a Dog a Home with River Island & The Dogs Trust

Give a Dog a Home with River Island and the Dogs Trust

As a dog lover,  I do all I can to help out with charities such as The Dogs Trust, so when I heard they were teaming up with River Island for their ‘#RIGiveADogAHome‘ campaign, I just had to get involved.  Would you like to give a dog a home this Christmas? Well, listen up as now you can….. AND, you don’t even have to feed them! River Island are rehoming the 1,200 mega-cute ‘dog-equins’ that have been adorning the store windows over the last few months  and all of the proceeds go to The Dogs Trust to help care for the 17,000 stray dogs that are taken into centres across the UK every year. The life-size models come in all shapes and sizes and are there to represent all of the dogs that come into the rehoming centres across the UK. Aren’t they so adorable?

The idea of the campaign is to remind us of the famous saying ‘A dog is for life, not just for Christmas‘ and to discourage the whimsical idea of gifting a dog this Christmas as it’s a full-time commitment (trust me, when I first looked after Robbie on my own I was shocked – it’s like having a child!)

The ‘dog-eqins’ went on sale on 7th December and are priced between £6-48 and can be snaffled up at 100 stores across the UK (and parts of Europe too) so hurry down to your nearest store and pick your new puppy pal! I’ll be heading down to the Brighton store to pick up a pooch today, Robbie is totally going to love his new best friend….. (or be a little scared of him?) but they are just too gorgeous to resist.

A big THANK YOU to River Island and The Dogs Trust for having us involved with the campaign, and for this wonderful Christmas Doggy Treat Pack too….

River Island - Give a Dog a Home Campaign

River Island - Give a Dog a Home

River Island - Give a Dog a Home

Robbie models his new towel


Please do keep the dogs in mind this Christmas –

Find out more about the #RIGiveADogAHome campaign here, you can also donate to The Dogs Trust here.


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  • My sister recently got a gorgeous Springer spaniel. It wakes her up at 5.30 every morning wanting to pee & be fed, like you said,it’s like having a small child in the house again! Give me a cat any day!