Robbie becomes a Wagglepets Ambassador!


Robbie becomes a Wagglepets Ambassador!

Robbie has something very exciting he’d like to tell you all.  He has been selected to be an official Blogger and ambassador for pet brand Wagglepets and he couldn’t be more excited!

So,  what is Wagglepets? 

Wagglepets is a doggy subscription box with a difference.  Instead of it being just luxury treat items,  it’s everything you need to keep a happy,  healthy dog – sent straight to your door in monthly bundles, making caring for your dog a total breeze. The subscription includes dog food, comprehensive MORE TH>N pet insurance, toys, flea treatments, poo bags and of course treats for your pup. What more would you need?

Over the next 6 months Robbie’s job will be to receive Wagglepets products in order to give you his honest opinion, plus I’m sure he’ll include hilarious photos and videos from his adventures too!

So, just before Christmas we recieved our first box and Robbies ‘ambassador’ status had begun…

What was inside the box? 

Robbie’s first month’s box contained….


Whistle Fitness Tracker | Beco Poo Bags | Pooch & Mutt Brain and Train Treats | Dentastix

The costs of the boxes are worked out based on the size of your dog so they only get products that suit their needs. Robbie is actually quite small for a labrador – he was actually the runt of the litter (bless him) so that makes him sit within the ‘Awesomely Average‘ category working out at £75 per month. Now to me, this seems quite a lot on first glance, but when I worked it out we actually spend more than that buying everything separately. To work it out for your dog, Wagglepets have this handy calculator to work out the real cost of keeping a dog, according to this we spend a whopping £250 a month although this does include his dog walks too (sadly not included within the box), so we are making a huge saving and getting everything delivered means I don’t have to worry about getting a big heavy 12kg sack of food home from the pet shop every month too.


Robbie with a sack of food taller than him!

I was so impressed with the personal service by the team at Wagglepets, if your dog has any special requirements they will tailor their packs for them. I emailed the team to let them know about Robbie’s poorly back legs and ask for treats and food for ‘Senior Dogs’ as he gets stiff joints and everything is now suited to his age bracket and needs.

Lastly, the icing on the cake for the Wagglepets subscription has got to be the Whistle Doggy Fitness tracker (worth £75). Think along the same lines as a Fitbit but this one is for your pooch. This handy little tracker sits neatly on their collar and monitors activity throughout the day to check your pup is getting the right amount of exercise for their size and breed. There is even a Whistle app so you can keep tabs on your pet on the go. I have found this strangely addictive to keep checking whilst I’m at work (and he’s mainly sleeping…!)


Wagglepets collage

We are only a month into the trial and Robbies ‘ambassadorhood’, but so far I’m thoroughly impressed with Wagglepets and think it’ll save us a lot of time and expense in the long run. Robbie and I can’t wait to see whats in store for next months box.

If you’d like to give Wagglepets a go, Robbie has a special discount code for you – just add in discount code: LYNDSAY50 at the checkout to get 50% off your first box.



Post written in collaboration with Wagglepets


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