Bathroom Planning Part 1

So, this weekend we did something VERY exciting! We bought our new bathroom and planned to have some major renovations done on the house. We currently have the tiniest bathroom in the world, which is in the most ridiculous layout. I won’t embarrass myself by showing you pictures, but basically it looks like a 90 year old lives in the house. Think beige/pinky grey tiles with a floral design, with a tiny shower cubicle plonked directly in the middle of the room. Yep, it’s just hideous…. and finally, it’s ALL GOING!

Not only are we getting rid of the nasty old-lady bathroom, but we are going to be knocking down the walls to our utility cupboard (which houses the washing machine and boiler currently) which will double the size of the room. It’s going to be a big job which will involve moving our back door, replacing all of our back windows, thats all before we have a completely new bathroom suite fitted (from VictoriaPlum who had an incredible 50% off sale) and lastly, add gorgeous spot lighting to add a slightly contemporary twist – but it’ll be totally worth it.

So, I won’t bore you with building work plans anymore (although I am planning to blog about the renovations as we go along). Right now I am thinking about the decor and design. Our overall theme is Victorian, with a colour palette of greens, whites and silver. Unfortunately, due to the size and shape of the room we couldn’t have a free standing bath (my dream bath for one day), however we’ve chosen Victorian tap fittings and white wooden cupboards in vintage style. The last part of the design is the colours and tiles, and that is where we are struggling.

These are the two mood boards I’ve put together for the two different looks:


Bathroom Moodboard

Our first idea is to have dark chequer board flooring, as in picture one. We want to pair this with green walls statement walls (probably darker than in picture two). As this will add quite a vibrant colour to the room, we have chosen neutral white brick tiles, with darker grouting to balance the room.



Our second option is to have statement green colour tiling. I love all of the pictures above, but the shade is not quite right – I want something right in the middle of those shades, which is proving tricky to find (I’m sure the Internet will help). With this we would have a lighter colour flooring as the black chequerboard would just look too dark and overwhelming. Again, Victorian fixtures and fittings with a beautiful drench shower over our bath.

Putting together these mood boards was difficult as each picture isn’t quite how our bathroom will be but I hope it gives you a good idea of what we are thinking. I have the perfect look in my mind, but putting that down onto paper (screen) is harder than it sounds.

The question is – which look do you prefer?? I would love to hear your opinions/bathroom renovation stories below.

We might be without a bathroom for a couple of weeks, but I can’t wait for the workmen to get started! And the most exciting part of it all…. I can get ALL THE BATHBOMBS from Lush. Let’s hope I don’t turn pink.

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