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This year, our focus is going to be all around doing our house up. We moved nearly a year ago and have already done so much to the house, however (like always) there seems to be so much to do. Instead of holidays and travel, this year is going to be all about making our little house by the sea more homely and just how we want it.

In preparation for Spring, I have been scouring my favourite home decor websites, Pinterest and home magazines for inspiration into the latest trends and accessories to freshen up our living room, adding a touch of Springtime with light pinks, whites and floral touches. My first priority for the living room is to organise a footstall or pouf. We have been scouring the January sales for a new sofa, but with our smallish room, nothing seems to quite fit so we are going to keep our existing leather sofa and add some comfy accessories, I found this Sumptuous Sheepskin Pouf. I just fell in love with the soft ivory fur, looks like the perfect addition to our sofa and so comfy to pop your feet up on after a long day.

Mirrors add light to the room, so I have chosen this Violette Mirror, in distressed grey it would complement our living room colours, adding a hint of glamour with the embellishments at the top of the frame, both of these gorgeous items were spotted on the Cox & Cox website – one of my favourite home decor brands, I literally wanted to buy everything.

Next on my list was to add some greenery. I have a habit of killing houseplants, but I seem to be going strong with my succulents and cactuses, so this Geometric plant hanger would be just ideal. I found this on Etsy, where there are lots of handmade terrariums, pots and hangers.

Lighting is crucial for a bright and airy home, so I’ve chosen this Lee Broom Crystal Bulb Chandelier, which is modern with a touch of glamour, with the crystal cut glass, giving the look of a classic crystal cut decanter or wine glass.

I love how the light reflects inside the Hexagonal Hurricane Tealight Holder, our house is already covered in candles, but you can never have too many – right?

Lastly, this dusty pink throw was spotted on Pinterest and is going on my list of knitting projects. I just love the cable stitch, I’ve been meaning to teach myself to cable, so this would be the perfect opportunity. The question is, could I get it finished for Springtime or not?


What are your plans for styling your home for the Spring? 

I would love to see your current favourite items! 

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  • Beautiful items! I love the succulents. I’ve been thinking of getting some of those. I hope you can get your house sorted this year! We despreately need to do our house. We’ve been living there for 5 years this April and we still haven’t got any photos up anywhere! Our aim by the end of the year is to get a family portrait up in the living room. x

  • We’re in the process of getting our house ready to go on the market, so for us it’s about keeping it as neutral as possible to make sure it appeals to more people. But I’m excited about buying somewhere new so I can decorate. I love all the things you have here, especially the light x