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It’s been a while since I found a skincare routine that has changed the way I look after my skin. I had been firmly fixed into a routine that hadn’t changed for a number of months, and firmly stuck in my ways. However, when I was kindly sent the Eloquence Beauty Pure Luxury Collection to try, everything changed. It’s just the most fantastic skincare range, a month down the line, I’m still using the products daily and have seen some great results. Here is why…

The first thing that you need to know about the Eloquence Beauty Skincare Collection is the main ingredient, Sacha Inchi Oil. Packed with antioxidants and vitamins, Sacha Inchi is this key ingredient that makes this range really stand out from the rest. A little seed, found in the forests of Peru makes one of the most nourishing, natural Argan oils; which has been used for over 3000 years by indigenous tribes and is still used by us today. Sacha Inchi oil is used not only to nourish the skin, but the hair and nails too.

Sacha Inchi oil contains one of the richest sources of omega fatty acids – with Omega 3 to restore skins elasticity, Omega 6 to combat skin dehydration and Omega 9 to help prevent premature ageing and environmental stress.


The Eloquence Beauty Luxury Collection is split into a 4 step routine, with a Nourishing Treatment Oil to use as well for a boost of extra moisture.

Step 1: Purifying Facial Cleanser (7.99)

The first step is to cleanse. With essence of cucumber and coconut extract, this delicate, foamy cleanser smells just gorgeous. Leaving skin feeling cool, fresh and revitalised. The Cleanser contains no artificial perfume, colourings or chemicals so it’s perfectly fine to use on all skin types or sensitive areas.

Step 2: Firm and Tone Serum (£19.99)

The second step is to apply serum. As a big fan of a Serum, I couldn’t wait to give this a go. A gorgeous, pearlescent cream; with glycerin and coconut oil to deeply nourish the skin. The Serum also contains hyaluronic acid which gives the skin a boost of collagen to plump, smooth and tone.

Step 3: Firming and Moisturising Eye Gel (£19.99)

For the eyes, step three is a cooling and refreshing gel to help eradicate dark circles, under eye bags and puffiness. I really love this eye gel as the formula is subtle yet effective. I don’t feel my skin is being tightened or pulled, however it is cooling and refreshing. Since using this I’ve noticed my under eyes are noticeably smoother and I look less tired.

Step 4: Protect and Repair 24 Hour Cream (14.99)

The last step of the process is a highly Nourishing intensive moisturiser. The 24 hour cream is designed for use both in the mornings and evenings, with UVA and UVB protection for daytime wear and added hyaluronic acid to replenish skin while you sleep, plus of course it contains the wonder ingredient – Sacha Inchi to add a powerful moisture boost. Personally, I only use the 24 hour cream in the evenings as it’s a little heavy for daytime wear for me. The cream is rich in consistency – I smooth a couple of pumps across my skin before bed, adding the final touch to deeply moisturised skin.

For an added bonus, Eloquence Beauty Skincare Range also includes a final product, which is probably my favourite of the collection; the Nourishing Treatment Oil (£29.99). A gorgeous blend of coconut and sweet almond oil, with the essence of Sacha Inchi; this treatment oil is an intensive way to repair and renew skin, hair and nails overnight. My top tip is to massage some of the oil into your nails and the ends of your hair before bed. I then wash my hair thoroughly in the morning and it gives it such a boost. I also use this on my face once a week for an intensive treatment.

As you can see I am a big fan of the Eloquence range and have thoroughly enjoyed trailing the collection and will most definitely be re-buying once the products run out. You can order the range online here.


Post written in collaboration with Eloquence Beauty

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  • Oooh will have to try this, am currently looking for a new routine as my current one isn’t as effective any more.