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I haven’t written a blog post in over 10 days, and do you know what…. thats okay with me. It’s about time that someone reminded me that we don’t have to blog every-second-of-every-day and that it’s alright to have a break without feeling an enormous amount of guilt. It seems in the blogging world there is an ever-increasing pressure to blog regularly, work on your stats, working on your stats once more, and be present at every given moment or else you may as well give up. It has become really draining. Blogging is meant to be my relaxing hobby I used to unwind, it certainly doesn’t feel like it at the moment.  Also, I wonder – does anyone ever even notice if we have a break? I have a feeling it’s only ourselves that suffer as no one really notices if our blogs suddenly go radio silent for a while, or our stats drop marginally. It’s just in our heads. Why are bloggers so hard on themselves these days?

I really enjoyed my little break away, I haven’t been anywhere or done anything. I just spent some time doing things around the house that I really love and usually go by the way-side as my free time is often consumed by blogging.

This week I have mainly been:



♤ Escaping the cold by dressing in my Totoro Onsie and cuddling the puppy on the sofa.

♤ Watching movies – including going back to the cinema to see Star Wars  – Force Awakens for the second time, as I fell asleep the first time round (to be fair it was at the midnight showing!). I’ve also recently watched The Danish Girl, When Marnie was there and Spectre.

♤ Listening to a new audiobook. This time I’m reading The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell. I’m only a couple of hours into it but I’m loving it so far and absolutely gripped. I listen in bed as I fall asleep and find it so relaxing.

♤ Journalling. You know, the old-fashioned style using a pen and paper (I know, retro). I always kept a diary as a teenager and this takes me back to those days. It’s great to get everything down on paper at the end of a busy day to clear the mind before bedtime. I also have a gorgeous Kate Spade Journal and pen, which makes it even more of a delight.

♤ Playing Games. My Nintendo 3DS has been sitting gathering dust, so I headed over to Amazon and bought Fantasy Life, which is any anime lovers dream. A cross between Animal Crossing, Dragon Quest, Harvest Moon and Pokemon, I knew this was the game for me. It’s super cute and addictive too.

♤ Eating too many Stroopwafels, warmed over cups of tea , of course.

♤ Having dinner with friends – This weekend we had went up to Richmond and had dinner with some old friends of Vee’s – was lovely to see her reunited with an old university friend, we had a delicious 3 course meal and I feel I now have some new friends too.

♤ Catching up on TV favourites – currently loving Call the Midwife, First Dates and my guilty secret – Extreme Couponing (don’t judge me). We also binge watched the whole box set of Humans over one weekend, loved it!

♤ Mostly, I’ve just been relaxed – not pressuring myself to do anything too stressful and taking some time out. It felt good.


What have you been up to this weekend? 

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  • I finally had a weekend off where something wasn’t going wrong. If I wasn’t working, I was up at the hospital visiting my boyfriend’s family that were injured in a car wreck. Luckily, things are getting better and blogging has helped me with my depression. I went thrift store shopping yesterday. Today, I went to church, ate at Piccadilly with family, and going over to a friend’s house to watch the Super Bowl. 🙂
    Kiersten @ Autumn Country Girl

    • Sorry you’ve been having such a tough time and I really hope your boyfriends family are ok and on the mend. Glad you had a good weekend to chill out and watch the Super Bowl 🙂 xx

  • I agree with you so much about not feeling guilty about not posting! as a new blogger I feel like i have to blog each and every day and as much as i love it and am doing great at the moment i feel like at some point i may want some time off! it’s lovely that you had some time off doing what you love! and extreme couponing is a great show and one of my guilty pleasures always watch it on tlc and find it oddly satisfiing when the supermarkets end up owing the customer money through the cupons! what a great post will be reading some more!


    • Wow, every day – thats hardcore. I did that for a month once as a challenge and it was really hard! It’s important to have a break too so don’t be too hard on yourself if you can’t keep up 🙂
      Glad I found someone who also loves Extreme Couponing, it’s so hilarious 😉

  • I had a break from blogging too because I’m so busy with work. I scheduled a post for last week and the one about Shoreditch it took a week to finish, although it was not that complicated. :)) Well, we need to do other things too, don’t worry. xx