British Rose Collection by The Body Shop

The Body Shop British Rose Range

If you’ve been following my Snapchat recently, you’ll know I’ve been just a little obsessed with The Body Shop at the moment. They’ve just had their 40th Birthday and to celebrate, they threw a little party in Brighton in their beautifuly renovated store for the Brighton bloggers. It was jsut lovely, cupcakes, bubbles and of course lots of sneak previews at the new releases and gorgeous shiny products to try. It was just A-mazing. There will be more about that coming up on the blog….so stay tuned! However, today I wanted to chat to you about this fantastic new range as in my opinion, it deserves a post on it’s own. Introducing, the British Rose Collection.


I have to say Rose wasn’t always a favourite scent of mine, so when this range came out I was in two minds as to whether I would like it. Rose can often be quite an old fashioned scent and a bit too floral for me, but I’m pleased to say this is a refreshingly modern take on a classic scent. A light, airy and delicately floral scent, this is not too overwhelming is just the perfect Springtime release, and being not the girliest-of-girls, even I can handle this level of prettiness. Go The Body Shop for banging out another great release, right on time (AGAIN!).

The range includes all of the lovely bath products you would expect from The Body Shop, from luxurious bath bubbles to rich body butters, they have it all covered. One of my favourite items in the range is the Instant Glow Body Essence (£15.00) which leaves skin smelling just gorgeous with a lovely natural glow (nothing too glittery!).


As well as some lovely skincare and bath products, there are some new additions to the make-up range too. My favourite being the new Lip and Cheek Stains (£12.00), they come in a range of Springtime pinks and reds and give a lovely natural warm flush of colour to the skin and can be used on the lips and cheeks so they are super versatile and so handy to keep in my handbag for on the go.

Lastly, for a bit of fun, The Body Shop got in touch and asked whether Robbie would like to take part in their newest campaign (#TreatMumLikeAQueen) to celebrate the new range. They sent him a pouch filled with scented pink rose petals for us to recreate the famous scene in American Beauty to share on social media. Does’t that sound idillic? However……have you ever tried to get a labrador to lay still for five seconds, especially in a bundle of highly exciting and strong smelling rose petals? It wasn’t easy, let me tell you! It’s not quite American Beauty but this was the best we could do, after several blurry pictures, rose petals EVERYWHERE and nearly a whole box of treats later….we took this. Let’s call it ‘Pup Beauty‘ for now. We tried!


You can try out the new British Rose collection in store now and online, plus a huge amount of other new exciting products from The Body Shop that I’ll be talking about very soon.

I was kindly sent these items for review, however all words and opinions are my own.

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  • Oh do I miss The Body Shop!!! I used to have one in my mall and my best friend used to work in one but alas where I live they don’t have any of them local! This must smell amazing! I love rose! I’ll have to see if I can order it online! =P

  • The body shop did always supply amazing products.
    Remember buying a load of bath salts when I was a kid

    if you like your bath bombs check us out, we have a huge selection