Movie Night Snacks Made Easy

Movie Snacks Made Easy

There are nights when you want to dress up to the nines, keep the wine flowing and paint the town a deliciously dark shade of red… and then there are other nights  when you just want to invite a few friends round, stock up on healthy snacks, dim the lights and curl up to watch a good movie or two. With Britain still firmly in the grasp of winter, it seems like the latter is a far more preferable option right now, so here are a few ideas of what to prepare in the kitchen prior to your next big movie marathon with friends.


An old favourite with a new twist

Where would a movie night be without popcorn? One of the only locations it’s acceptable to toss food in the vague direction of your mouth, crunch it loudly and finish the experience with most of it down your shirt front is in a darkened cinema. The same applies at home, and pre-made microwave popcorn sachets are readily available. However, with a little bit of effort and imagination, you can craft your own unique homemade popcorn flavours to surprise and scintillate your guests. From chocolate-covered caramel popcorn balls to maple syrup flavoured popcorn, this list of 25 suggestions gives you a starting point to work from.


The mighty chip

Britain’s favourite snack – the mighty chip. Whether they’re served as a side to a main dish, doled out in a bag made from newspaper or cooked in the oven in your home, there’s a reason chips are so popular in the UK: they’re simply delicious. McCain chips come in a wide variety of styles, ranging from thin and crispy to evoke an image of fast food outlets, rustic skin-on for a little more class or the good-old fashioned straight cut for the purists. Sprinkle on some paprika, grated cheese or curry sauce and you’ve got yourself an unbeatable movie snack.


Chips and dip

Let’s not forget our brethren across the Atlantic and their interpretation of the word ‘chip’ – tortilla chips can command just as central a role in the cinematic experience. Doritos have something of a monopoly on the nacho world, and also produce some truly delicious dips to accompany all of those lovely chips, but with a little extra effort, you can whip up your own sumptuous accompaniments. This roasted garlic hummus recipe is a great option for lovers of Middle Eastern cuisine, while a good guacamole can give things a little Mexican flavour.


Don’t forget the sweet tooth!

Once you’ve gorged yourself on all those savoury snacks, you’ll want something sweet to round the night off (no-one said this was going to be a healthy feast!). Who doesn’t love mini brownie cupcakes? These adorable treats are easy to whip up and can fill that final hole with a deliciously sweet end to your movie night. Just as the film enters its final act and begins tying up loose ends, you can find your own happy ending at the bottom of a cupcake wrapper.


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