My favourite podcasts of 2016 (so far!)

My favourite podcasts of 2016

My drive to work every day is an hour each way, so I get tired of listening to music or the radio. I often get stuck in traffic and find myself getting more and more tense as the traffic builds, so a friend of mine suggested I listened to Podcasts to take my mind of things for a bit. Lucky for me, it worked! I hardly notice the traffic when I’ve got a good podcast on so it’s really been a god-send for me.

So, today I wanted to chat about a few of my very favourite podcasts, all of which I have been addicted to recently. They vary in topic as I like to mix things up, I’ll go through phases of binge listening to one type of podcast but totally change it the following week. That’s the great thing about podcasts, you can just dip in and dip out as you please – perfect for any commute!

CTRL + ALT + DELETE Podcast –  Hosted by top blogger Emma Gannon of Girl Lost in the City, this podcast has some of the best guests, and it’s only been around since the beginning of April! With an interview with one of my FAVOURITE women of all time, Dawn O’Porter, tipping it the BEST THING I’VE HEARD ALL YEAR this podcast definitely has my attention. Other guests have been Zoella and Liz Gilbert, so the amazingness just keeps coming. I can’t wait to see who Emma will interview next!

Magic Lessons – by Liz Gilbert. If you are feeling like you are stuck in a creative rut or need some inspiration, this is the one for you. One of my favourite authors and a truly inspirational woman Elizabeth Gilbert has created this podcast alongside her book Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. You don’t have to have read the book, just dive in straight away. In the first episode Liz helps a blogger grapple with the loss of her creative mojo. After listening to Magic Lessons, I always come away feeling motivated and creatively rejuvenated.

Blogtacular – Hosted by the lovely Kat Molesworth, in each episode Kat explores the life of bloggers and indie business owners. I love listening to each individual story, all bloggers have their interest in blogging in common, but behind the blog things can be so different. Listen to this for endless inspiration and some great blogging tips and tricks too.

The Documentary by the BBC World Service. Topical stories from around the world, presented in such an interesting way, I just get lost listening to The Documentary and I’ve learned so much too. I’ve listened to everything from stories of the migrant crisis to a history of K-Pop. There is something for everyone and you just can’t help but get absorbed in each episode.

My favourite podcasts of 2016

Lore – If you want an escape from the norm, Lore is just perfect. Written and hosted by Aaron Mahnke, each episode explores a dark-tale from history. With the tagline ‘sometimes the truth is more frightening than fiction’ if you want the ultimate scary story campfire experience, this one is for you.

My Dad wrote a Porno – Lastly, this one is for the lol’s! If you want to LAUGH OUT LOUD this one is for you. Can you imagine your Dad, writing an erotic fiction novel? No me neither! Think 50 shades of Grey but ten times more cringe. In this podcast Jamie has found the secret writing of his 60-year-old father, and together with two mates they read it out chapter by chapter. This made me laugh so hard my sides were hurting! Don’t listen to this in public unless you want to cringe and burst out laughing in front of everyone, all at once. I speak from experience.

So, there we have it! My ultimate list of podcast listening. I’m always on the look out (well, listen out) for my next podcast, so do share with me what you’ve been listening to in the comments below or drop me a tweet.

Have a great bank holiday weekend! 

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