Relax and Unwind with Teami

Relax and Unwind with Teami

I am always on the lookout for new herbal teas, especially if they are gorgeous loose leaf blends. I don’t know about you, but I find the whole experience of making a tea with a loose leaf relaxing in itself. I love watching the tea, petals and flavours infuse and swirl into the water and I can understand why in some cultures tea can be so ceremonious.

I recently discovered a lovely tea company called TeaMi. From their website, bursting with vibrant colour and energy, on first impressions I could see they mainly specialise in detox and energy teas. I wondered if it would be right for me as I prefer herbal teas in the evenings to destress and calm, however the lovely people at TeaMi suggested their Relax Blend, which sounded perfect and I decided to give it a go.

Relax and Unwind with TeamiRelax and Unwind with Teami

TeaMi Relax contains 5 soothing ingredients: Lavender Flower ,Chamomile, Lemon grass, Orange peel, Valerian Root extract, a blend to relax tight muscles and help reduce insomnia. Amazingly this blend also contains potassium, calcium and vitamin B which also strengthens the immune system, helps to prevent colds, flus and a variety of other illnesses. Pretty amazing for a cuppa, right? Of course, as with all relaxing teas, it’s naturally caffeine free, so is ideal to drink right before bed (or any other time of the day when you need a little chill out moment, I’ve found!)

It’s super easy to make, one teaspoon in a tea strainer or tea infuser, leave for 3-5 minutes as the tea infusion begins (or if you are like me, watch the water in a meditative trance) and enjoy. You can sweeten with honey, nectar or lemon if you like, but I personally, like it just as it is.

Relax and Unwind with Teami

Being a night-owl, I’m a constant sleep-battler, I naturally want to stay up late and will always find 100 new things I want to do at 11pm. However adult life doesn’t quite work like that, with my alarm going off most days at 6am (woe), I’ve had to find new ways to help me get in the mood for some sleep, before my inner owl tells me otherwise. I’ve been drinking TeaMi Relax in the evenings for around a month now and I’ve found it’s the perfect wind-down drink before bed. I usually make it around 1 hour before I hit the hay and I’m so much calmer as it approaches bedtime. Relax tea tastes great too, I can definitely taste the main ingredients of lavender and chamomile coming through, but for quite strong flavours they aren’t too overpowering, it’s a gentle, calming flavour with ingredients that go together perfectly.

If you’d like to try anything from the TeaMi range, including the detox, cleanse, energy or relax or they do the cutest tea infusers and shakers, you can get 10% off any product with my unique code ‘PEACHES‘. You can order online here, I’d highly recommend it and I’ll be ordering more Relax tea and trying some more of the range soon!

Post written in collaboration with TeaMi Blends

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