Oh I do love to live beside the seaside!


The beach is my ultimate happy place – cool, calming and tranquil. After a long day, all I need is a short stroll along the beach and my mood has lifted. As I now live right by the sea, I am lucky enough to say I am in my happy place as soon as I get home. With the gorgeous waves on the horizon from our front door, it seemed right to try an incorporate a coastal theme throughout our home, adding touches of that cool, calming feeling that only the beach can bring.


So, a couple of weeks ago, Harvey’s Furniture got in touch to challenge me to put together a ‘Cool Coastal Flatlay‘ using some of my favourite pieces from around my house.


To style my flatlay I have mainly used whites and cool blue and lilac tones with a background of our distressed, whitewashed floorboards as the backdrop, which gives the overall look a real ‘beachut’ feel. Within the flatlay, I’ve used a mix of handmade and natural items from around my home, the first being my latest macrame plant hanger (which you may have seen me creating in my recent post about the Posh Totty Craft Workshops!) I think this is both stylish as macrame is so on trend at the moment, but it also reminds me of knotted rope giving it a nautical feel, fitting in nicely to our cool coastal theme.
Our beautiful painting of the ocean takes pride of place in our home – the colours are just stunning, it’s a real eye catching piece. This is special piece as it was painted by a family member. The cool coastal look is not complete without some natural touches – we use pebbles in our garden to extend the beachy look to our small courtyard outside space, this works really well as borders around flower beds or garden paths.  They are also great inside and make fabulous additions to candle holders!


Do head over to the Harvey’s blog to see my designs, plus there is plenty of inspiration on how to transform your home, with themes from Cosy Cottage to City Chic, there is something for every home!

– Post written in collaboration with Harvey’s Furniture

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