Summer Beauty Favourites

Summer Beauty Favourites

Just recently, I’ve had a little skincare and beauty routine overhaul and added lots of lovely new bits to my collection. So, today I was in the mood to run through some of my top summer beauty recommendations and some products I’ve been loving recently!

Summer Beauty FavouritesBenefit Cheekathon – £44.50

I’ve always been a Hoola girl, so when my latest Hoola blush hit the pan, I popped into Benefit for a replacement and saw this beauty sitting on the shelf. It’s safe to say, I immediately fell in love. Instead of buying one blush for £23.50, this palette is amazingly good value for money with 5 full size blushes for £44.50. Having a few new shades means I can experiment with some different looks, branching out from my usual bronzed Hoola look. It’s great to experiment with and you can create so many different looks to suit every skin tone, it’s the perfect product!

Summer Beauty Favourites

The Body Shop Instaglow – £14.00 | The Body Shop Honey Bronze Drops of Sun – £12.00

With the lack of sun this summer, it’s safe to say I’m not feeling dewy, bronzed or glowing this year so I’ve had to fake it a little bit. That’s where these fab new products from The Body Shop come in handy. Marketed as CC creams for an all over glow, I’ve actually found they work better for me by either mixing them in with my current foundation or moisturiser for a little boost. I have also tried targeting certain areas – for example I use the Bright Glow across my cheekbones for a sweep of illumination, this seems to do the trick nicely!

I haven’t really got a tan this summer, so I’ve been hesitant to buy a foundation in a shade darker as I’ll just never use it. So, the Drops of Sun Holiday Glow Creator have been a godsend and the perfect middle ground. I’ve been adding a couple of drops into my usual makeup, this adds the perfect sun-kissed tint, giving an overall healthier glow. It’s also fab for no-makeup days – I add a drop to my moisturiser so I don’t look overly pale. Saves the dreaded fake tan on the face scenario which I find myself contemplating every summer!

Summer Beauty Favourites

Lancome Miracle Cushion Foundation – £30.00 | Maybelline Matte Maker – £3.99 | Benefit Gimme Brow – £18.50 | Chanel Coco Rouge Ultra Hydrating Lip Colour in Adrienne – £26.00

There are two reasons why I just had to try the Lancôme Miracle Cushion Foundation. Firstly, the idea of a cushion foundation originates from Korea. As a massive fan of Korean cosmetics, it’s been great to see this far eastern trend become more mainstream! Secondly, bloggers/vloggers far and wide have been raving about this product for months – it’s everywhere! So, I jumped on the good old blogger trend bandwagon and gave it a go. I’m glad I did as I haven’t been disappointed at all. It’s the perfect lightweight summer foundation, the cushion style pad means it’s easy to dispense evenly onto a brush making it totally buildable. I don’t often wear foundation in the summer, but given the lack of sunshine (are you noticing a theme here?) I’ve found this is the ideal product as I can use just a little bit for light coverage during the day, building this up to more of a medium – full coverage for evening looks. With my skin just slightly more on the greasy side in the summer, the Maybelline Matt Maker has been an ideal finishing powder, removing any shine.

Beauty Bloggers are going to spot the flaw in my next picture, the amazing Gimme Brow from Benefit. Annoyingly, I picked this up about 2 days before the launch of the new range, so yes it’s in the old style packaging, but it’s such a wonderful product and thankfully they’ve kept it in the new range. If you pop into Benefit now it’s looking a touch more glam these days in shiny silver packaging. Having light blonde eyebrows I never know what to do with them, HD brows are not my thing as I’m so fair but I needed just a little definition. Gimme Brow in Light is the perfect shade for me and for the first time, I look like I actually have eyebrows!

Last up, is my go-to summer lipstick. Chanel Ultra Hydrating Lip Colour in Adrienne is just beeaautiful and goes with every look, a caramel nude with a hint of summery peachiness, it looks and feels just dreamy.

These are just a few of my Summer time favourites – what have you been wearing recently? 


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