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It’s been just over a week now and the news of last week is finally beginning to sink in. Finally, I’ve been able to put a blog post together – it’s been an absolute whirlwind. So, last Thursday I attended my first ever blogger award ceremony – 30 Plus Blog Awards. Hosted at the Charlotte Street Hotel in London, the 30 Plus Awards was founded by Hayley of London Beauty Queen as a space for bloggers over 30 to be celebrated and recognised, when often they are overlooked.

Amazingly, I had been shortlisted in the ‘Blogger of the Year‘ category, much to my surprise. Full of nerves, apprehension and with a tummy full of butterflies – I travelled up to London with my blogger BFF, Carrie. As soon as the award ceremony was announced I knew Carrie would be my perfect ‘plus one’. She has been there since day one and is the first blogger I met ‘in real life’ back in 2013 – we’ve been friends ever since. It was great to have her with me to calm my nerves.

When we arrived, I saw lots of faces I recognised from their blogs and got to chat to some lovelies too (Holly, Aine, Erica, Claire, Leah, Lex to name a few). It was incredible to be in a room full of such fantastic and talented bloggers and I wished I could have spoken to everyone but the evening just whizzed by in a blur. After champagne in nibbles in a room filled with pretty silver balloons, we headed into the main presentation area, which was a cinema style room with a stage at the front. Cue the nerves again.

The Award Ceremony was really lovely. It was fantastic to see bloggers from far and wide,  being recognised for their talent, individuality and for all their hard work and passion. The 30 plus community is so supportive and friendly, there were big cheers for every single person that was nominated and huge rounds of applause for the winners.

My category was the last and final category, so I had plenty of time for the nerves to build as we went through each category, cheering our fellow bloggers on.

Finally, it was time. Zoe Cook (Head of PR at The Body Shop) took to the stage to present the category and the butterflies in my tummy arrived again. At this point, I’ll hand you over to fellow blogger Aine as she had managed to capture the moment perfectly in the video below (head to 6:02 on video for a sneak peek – or watch all of it as she’ s lovely).

I walked up to the stage with tears in my eyes, I literally couldn’t believe it. I started this blog as just a little hobby in my bedroom back in 2012, I didn’t think anyone would read it let alone all the places my blog has taken me, and now I’m here. The sound of my heart beating in my chest was deafening against the audience. As I stood for a picture on the stage, it was like my whole blogging ‘life’ had flashed before my eyes and I felt so overwhelmed with emotions. I heard someone saying ‘Smile!!’ and realised I probably looked tearful rather than happy, but I promise they were happy tears, definitely nothing less. Suddenly, my Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook all exploded with literally hundreds of congratulations messages. It was just the most overwhelming moment.


The most touching part of it all, is that I just feel so welcome within the amazing blogging community of such talented and innovative people who are all so supportive of each other. The blogging community are just the loveliest bunch of people and I truly feel so lucky to be a part of it – I have made friends that will stay with me a lifetime.

 Blogging has taken over my life over the last few years, I think about my blog from the moment I wake, to the moment I go to sleep. There have been ups and downs, particularly in last few months, things have been tough, so to be recognised truly means the absolute world to me.

So finally, a thank you. To everyone that has ever read my blog, commented, voted for me and supported me over the 4 years. A massive mention for V, who is my biggest support, my ‘manager’ and even lets me photograph her food before she starts eating (much to her disgust). A big thank you to Carrie for help with photography and advice when I’m stuck and to the Brighton Blogger girls for the endless chats about everything and anything. Of course, a big stroke and cuddle to my Robbie dog who is the best ‘blogger dog’ (or dogger) there is. He poses for photos (when bribed) and cuddles on the sofa when I’m typing up posts. Plus, I think half my followers are here to see him, not me. Everyone needs a pup blog companion. Lastly, a big thank you to all the brands/companies I’ve worked with over the 4 years, with a special mention to The Body Shop, who have supported me from the beginning (and are SO lovely).

So, emotional bit over with, I promise! On to the fun part, so to celebrate, I’ve organised TWO giveaways. One will be hosted here on my blog and for an extra chance to win, I’ve got a mini giveaway running on my Twitter too! The first prize is this bundle of The Body Shop goodies worth over £80! Enter below to win…………..


a Rafflecopter giveaway


For a full list of the winners of the 30 Plus Awards – click here.

Huge Congratulations to ALL the winners and THANK YOU again! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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