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When an email dropped into my inbox inviting me to visit The Point Hair Salon in Brighton, I couldn’t be happier! With everything going on recently, I had totally neglected my hair and it was looking absolutely awful. With dull, drab and straggly locks, plus hideous dark roots I was in desperate need for a pampering session and for an entire hair overhaul, and The Point looked like just the place to fix it.

I’ve always spent a huge amount of time styling, blow drying, straightening or curling my hair, using only the best haircare products and treatments. However, after everything thats happened over the last few months, something just switched in me. Feeling rough everyday meant I lost all interest in my hair- a normal day now includes a burst of dry shampoo and a messy bun, at the most. Oh, how things change! I hadn’t quite realised how miserable it was making me to feel so drab about my hair, I couldn’t wait to break my bad habit and get a total refresh.


To prove how awful things had got, I have taken these embarrassing ‘before’ shots, including my ‘not impressed‘ face in the first one, ha! 🙂 As you can see my colour had totally grown out and my ends were all frizzy and split. As my hair was so shapeless, the only thing I could do was tie it up, you can see why!

The Point is one of Brighton’s most established hair salons, opened by Salon Director Ian Habben back in 1998. In Brighton, it seems a new salon pops up almost every month, so I think the fact The Point has had a loyal and longstanding customer base since 1998 speaks volumes on the consistency of the quality of their services. Located in the North Laine, just a stones throw from Brighton Station, the salon is in a super convenient location too.

Inside the salon, the space is light and airy with modern decor and a friendly vibe. I was first asked in for a skin test a couple of days before my main appointment. The skin test was the most professional I’ve ever experienced, it wasn’t just your standard blob of colour on your skin and off you go. The Point offer a short medical questionnaire, a chat with the colourist and then the skin test consists of 6 different products in different areas to fully check for any skin irritation or discomfort.



After my skin test (which was all fine), I returned to the salon a couple of days later, excited to get my hair finally fixed. Upon arrival I met Ellie, who was warm and friendly. She sat me down and offered me a drink. I was then given a full consultation with both Colourist, Ellie and Salon Director, Ian. This is the bit I’m always nervous about when I visit a new salon – I’m always worried that maybe I won’t get my vision across, or the stylist won’t listen to me. I’ve had some bad experiences of this in the past. However, both Ellie and Ian were so attentive, they both listened to exactly what I wanted, as well as suggesting ideas. They talked through what they would be doing before they started their work, which really put my mind at rest that we were all on the same page. PHEW.  There is nothing worse than sitting there, not feeling entirely sure whats going to happen. So, feeling happy after my consultation and with a nice big stack of magazines, I sat back in my comfy chair and let the work on my disastrous barnet begin.


Ellie suggested to brighten up my hair colour, whilst still keeping a natural look, she would use a mix of bleach and a golden tone to break up the colour. As I like a bright, light ‘ash’ blonde, rather than a yellower tone, she finished my colour with a toner to remove any brassiness. Usually I find it takes stylist’s a LONG time to get through all of my hair, it might be fine but I seem to have a lot of it, but Ellie sped though it all, she then used a heater to speed up the development process, so I found this part of the service so much quicker than I’ve experienced at other salons, which was really great. Although sitting under the heater on one of the warmest days of the year was rather warm, but all for a good cause!

Next up, Ian took over for my cut and style. Being the Salon Director, we chatted about how he had opened the salon back in 1998 and how things had developed and changed within the salon since then, it was really interesting to get his ‘insiders’ point of view and to learn about more about the hair industry within Brighton. He’s so passionate about what he does and such an interesting man, as we chatted away the appointment seemed to just fly by.

With my hair, he trimmed all of my split, straggly ends, whilst keeping as much length as possible, he also added lots of layers and texture giving it plenty of shape. He added shape around my face and the blow dried my hair giving it a lovely bounce.

So, without further ado, this is the finished look….



After finishing my cut and style, Ian also talked through some products I can use to keep my hair looking and feeling fantastic, once I’ve left the salon. He told me all about a brand called Windle & Moodie, which look and sound fantastic. The Point Salon and Space NK are the only stockists of the range in Brighton so they are a bit of a hidden gem. I’ve since been using the products to look after my new hair and I just love how nourished and strong my hair now feels, plus the products smell gorgeous too! I absolutely love the thickening cream, it really does the trick to boost my hair and add volume and thickness after I blow dry. I also use the Shine & Smoothing Oil to finish my style and to smooth down flyaways. Also of note – both of these styling products include a UV filter, protecting my hair from harmful rays too.


Overall, I’ve been so impressed with my first visit to The Point hair salon. I found the team really friendly, welcoming, professional and I absolutely loved the finished result. When I walked out of the salon, I literally felt my hair swishing in the wind (instead of stuck back into a messy, greasy bun) and I couldn’t have felt more like ‘myself’ again. It’s amazing what a bit of pampering can do for the soul!

I’m really grateful for the team for looking after me and making me feel so lovely again! V was so impressed with my hair, she’s booked to visit the salon this week too!

A big THANK YOU to The Point for having me – see you again soon! 

I was kindly offered a complimentary cut and colour in return for an honest review – all thoughts, opinions, hair woes are my own. If I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t share it. 




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