Looking forward to Autumn with the #KnitwearCareClub

Looking forward to Autumn with the #KnitwearCareClub at George

I was recently contacted by the lovely team at George (at Asda) to ask if I was looking forward to Autumn, and the answer was was a resounding ‘YEESSS!!’ Not to sound like the typical blogger cliché…. (well, actually to sound a lot like a blogger cliché) – I can’t wait to snuggle in some warm knits, wear thick tights, drink pumpkin spice lattes and dance through the crispy leaves. As much as I’ve loved the sunshine and summer this year, it’s time to move onto all things autumn and I can’t wait for the change in season.

So, to get us all talking about Autumn, George asked myself and a few other bloggers to share their best knitwear tips. My knitwear tip is to:

Always pay attention to care labels – washing and drying your knitwear properly is vital to keeping it at its best. You don’t want to end up with a jumper fit for a teddy bear after just one wash.”

Trust me, I speak from experience.

In all seriousness, the bloggers have put together a super handy round-up post with some top knitwear care tips and tricks.  If you are anything like me and have a bad track record with the washing machine – go and read it NOW! It should save you a few mishaps this season.

Looking forward to Autumn with the #KnitwearCareClub at George

Right, let’s talk about my outfit. To celebrate Autumn and knitwear, I was kindly sent this gorgeous grey long line cardigan, at only £14 it’s quite a bargain. I chose something long and loose as I know by the end of the winter my belly is going to be quite big so I wanted something that will see me all the way through. I also chose these super comfy over-bump maternity jeans, which are my LIFELINE these days now nothing in my wardrobe fits. I wear them nearly every day as they are the comfiest thing I’ve worn in a long time. I’m almost wondering why I didn’t wear maternity jeans before I was pregnant just for comfort (and big meals!) they are great.

Looking forward to Autumn with the #KnitwearCareClub at George

Since getting pregnant I’ve had a bit of a wardrobe crisis already – I’m not even that big yet! Maternity clothes seem to only come in plain colours and styles so I’ve had to mix things up to give my outfits a unique look. For this outfit I decided a pop of red to finish the look and brighten up those plain greys/whites. I’m thinking that adding bright lipstick and accessories is probably going to be the way forward for the next few months.

I also had a mini crisis taking these photos! These were the first photos I’ve taken since my body became a little rotund round the middle and I found getting the perfect snap really hard. There is honestly so much more to think about these days. I was only about 13 weeks when I took these pictures so my bump is minimal, but I can’t tell you how self conscious I started to feel. I think maybe when my bump is a little more defined I’ll relax more – right now I just look like I’ve eaten a big dinner! It’s really strange getting used to a totally ‘new’ body suddenly and being ok with it, even if having a baby is a miraculous thing! My blogger friend Maisie wrote a really good post on being pregnant and body image that was totally relatable and made me feel better about the whole thing.

Looking forward to Autumn with the #KnitwearCareClub at George

I seem to have gone off on a tangent from my outfit, but just to wrap things up – my new Mo:vel trainers deserve a big mention. They are my favourite comfy shoes at the moment and I love them as they are SO BRIGHT! They certainly add a pop of colour to any outfit! Mo:vel have just opened a store in Brighton and have some amazing bright funky coloured designs, I might need to pick up another pair, or two!

Are you looking forward to Autumn like me? 

Also, if you have any tips on livening up maternity clothes, do let me know before I drown in a sea of plain whites and stripes! 

Items sent for consideration by both George and Mo:vel – all words and opinions are my own

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  • Love the right pops of colour. Got I can only imagine being self conscious when getting your photos done, I’m self conscious and I’m not even pregnant. You look wonderful my lovely, you’re making a little person, all the good stuff.

    Honestly Aine

    • yeah, it just feels really new and different! I also wish I had a big bump as it’s not obvious yet so if I didn’t tell people, maybe it might look like I’ve just eaten a LOT of tea and cakes, ha! xx

  • I think you look beautiful! I love the trainer/lip coordination, so bright and fun! I absolutely love George clothing, and they always seem to have a lot of nice maternity options, not that I need them yet (only got married a fortnight ago!) but I am bearing it in mind. And maternity jeans sound like a good idea even when not pregnant – my sister swears by hers for Christmas! 😀 xx

    • Aww thank you 🙂 George have some great bits and the prices are fab too. Congratulations on getting married! I’ll be keeping my jeans for Christmases to come I think! 😉 xx

  • Can I just say that you look absolutely wonderful my lovely! Your body is doing an AMAZING thing and you look great for it!
    Your jumper looks like I’d want to live in it for the rest of the year haha! Such a bargain price, I’ll certainly have to pick it up! Maternity jeans are amazing, I’m not quite sure why I never invested in a pair pre pregnancy either! xx

    • Aww thanks so much sweet! Asda is great for maternity clothes (the jumper is actually just from the normal range) but the jeans are so cheap and SO comfy! xx

  • Loving the look, you are looking amazing. I like the fact that your lipstick and trainers match perfectly. X X