A good pair of winter boots (+ a giveaway to win a pair too!)

A good pair of winter boots (+ a giveaway to win a pair too!)

One of my winter wardrobe staples is always a good pair of boots. Once I’ve found my perfect pair, I’ll wear them every day – with thick tights and knits, paired with skinny jeans – they have to go with everything as they are in for the long haul with me. Finding the perfect pair is always such a tricky task, they need to be simple in design so they go with everything but stylish too, of course. Plus this year I added another complication as by the time we reach December and January time, I’ll be 7-8 months pregnant, so I needed to be sensible and consider things like a sturdy grip and not too much of a heel. I’m sure I’ll be wobbly enough on my feet with a belly the size of a large watermelon!

Just as I was pondering my winter boot choices, I was contacted by a dutch brand called Wolkyshop. Immediately, I thought that was quite a bizarre name for a brand, but it turns out ‘wolky’ means ‘cloud’ in dutch, so their strapline is that their shoes are like walking on air – makes sense now!

I looked up their AW range and was really taken by their style. The have some really lovely choices, many of which seemed to fit the bill as a slightly more ‘sensible’ boot than my usual choice (although they do have less sensible choices too!). All of their boots are handmade and include removable anatomically shaped footbeds which mould to the foot with an extra layer of memory foam, plus a luxurious warm, leather lining.  I’m going to need all the comfort I can get, so they ticked every box. After much deliberation –  I decided to order the Arriba CW in black oiled leather and since they arrived, I think I’ve worn them nearly every day!

A good pair of winter boots (+ a giveaway to win a pair too!)

A good pair of winter boots (+ a giveaway to win a pair too!)

When my boots arrived, I excitedly tried them on. I could instantly tell they are a well-made high quality pair of boots and that they are going to last the winter. The soles are so sturdy with excellent grip, they are exactly what I was hoping for as I’m terrified of slipping over with a giant bump, so I’m hoping they’ll keep me nice and safe! Inside the boot is cold winter warm lining, which is like a soft fluffy texture, they are just dreamy to wear – so warm and snuggly with the softest of inner soles. I can’t imagine being uncomfortable in them at all! I’ve since worn them quite a few times, for long periods of time at work, walking around the shops and on dog walks and they are just so comfortable and perfect for me.

Overall, I’m really impressed with my first pair of boots from Wolkyshop – I have to say they aren’t a brand I’d heard of before, but they have just opened a shop in Brighton (on Bond Street) so I think they’ll be my first port of call when it comes to my boots next year too. I’d highly recommend them if you in Brighton, or you can also order online too.

Plus, if you’d like to win a pair, enter my giveaway below to win a pair of your choice from the Autumn/Winter collection…..

A good pair of winter boots (+ a giveaway to win a pair too!)


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A good pair of winter boots (+ a giveaway to win a pair too!)

P.S – I just had to include this picture of Robbie! He was posing as we were taking the photos for this post, so he just had to be featured too!

Post written in collaboration with Wolkyshop

Giveaway prize to be provided by Wolkyshop / Open to UK residents only



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