The Kenwood Electric Spiralizer – Spiralizing made simple

Spiralizing made simple - The Kenwood Electric Spiralizer

I’ve been a big fan of spiralized food for about a year now. Last year, in the midst of a summer health kick, we went out and bought a manual spiralizer and went through a phase of spiralizing pretty much every vegetable in the fridge. However, we soon found this set up was pretty time consuming –  laboriously turning the handle, plus the clean-up operation was pretty horrific too. So, after the novelty wore off, our spiralizer has sat in it’s box for the last 6 months, barely seeing the light of day as I just don’t have the time to use it. So, when Debenhams got in touch and asked me if I’d like to try the brand new Kenwood Electric Spiralizer I certainly said a big ‘YES‘ as then I would have no excuse but to use it and get back into healthier ways.

Spiralizing made simple - The Kenwood Electric Spiralizer

I wasn’t quite sure what an electric spirazliser would look like, our previous one resembled a victorian mangle, so I was pleasantly surprised to see the design is pretty standard for a kitchen appliance, with only a few pieces to slot together and not too daunting to use either. The Spiralizer comes with two size settings to make either spaghetti or parpadelle sized ribbons. All you do is slot the right cone into the top, pop the lid on and you are ready to go – fruit and vegetables can be added from the top and plunged down using the grey section.

As I like to dive into the deep end, I decided my first recipe would be to try Sweet Potato and Parsnip Curly fries. Starting with the hardest of vegetables was maybe not he best choice, as it took a few goes to get into the swing of things and produce that classic spiral shape, there is a bit of a knack to it (however I’m pleased to say I’ve since discovered softer vegetables like courgettes are SO much easier through the processor).

Spiralizing made simple - The Kenwood Electric Spiralizer

After spiralizing my sweet potato and parsnip, I dribbled over honey and olive oil, added a dash of salt and pepper and got messy by mixing the blend together by hand. After around 30 minutes in the oven they were beautifully crisp and ready eat. They were absolutely delicious! I absolutely loved cooking sweet potato this way, the spiralizer saved so much time chopping up the vegetables and made the pieces nice and thin so they cooked quickly and evenly too. Perfect!  I’m also pleased to say the spiralizer was easy to clean too.

Spiralizing made simple - The Kenwood Electric Spiralizer

You can order a Kenwood Electric Spiralizer online or in store from Debenhams, priced at £50.00.

Thank you to Debhenhams for bringing this quick and easy tool in my life, I’m sure I’ll get plenty of use out of it! See my Pinterest board for more spiralizer recipe inspiration. 

Post written in collaboration with Debenhams

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  • We have a manual one that I’m yet to use haha! I think Jack has used it but cleaning isn’t the easiest of tasks oh my!
    Mmmm this looks delicious! I’ve heard that courgette’s are the best thing to use! I’ve actually bought pre made spiralised courgetti before haha, it’s a great alternative for pasta!

  • Wow I’m so glad I read this! I’ve been wanting a spiralizer for soooo long, but I’m disabled and the regular one’s are too much for me. This one sounds like it might be so much better for me, thanks so much for this post x 😀

  • Spiralizer are great. It really change my way if cooking with vegetables as I personally do not enjoy meal with big chunk of vegetables in plate. Will definitely invest in one.