Whats on my changing table?

Whats on my changing table?

Now we are firmly over the midway hump of pregnancy, it’s time to start getting the nursery together, which I am super, super excited about! I’ve been frantically pinning ideas, colour schemes and furniture, as like every parent, we want the perfect room for our little bundle of joy to move into, even though she probably won’t sleep in there for a few months anyway! So, when East Coast Nursery contacted me and asked me to collaborate with their Dresser Hack Blogger Challenge, I jumped at the chance, as it gave me the perfect starting place for getting our nursery together and one big item ticked off the ever-growing list of ‘things-to-buy’ for when little one arrives.

Whats on my changing table?

So, the challenge was to #GetBabyReady, which involved taking the Clara Dresser and styling it to fit our nurseries and making as useful as possible for when baby arrives. I particularly wanted a changing table as our babies nursery is right next to our living room, so it’ll be super easy to keep everything in one place, which is a nice central point of the house too, meaning we won’t have to keep going downstairs every time the baby needs changing (we live in an upside-down house with the main bedroom downstairs!). I also love to keep organised, so buying storage and baskets is my heaven!

So, this is how I styled my changing table:

Whats on my changing table?

On the top-level, I chose the Chevron Changing Mat from East Coast in Raspberry for our little girl! Our theme for the nursery is a light purple, but the pink will be a fun pop of colour as I don’t want it to be too plain! The cute white teddy was one of the first purchases we made when we found out everything was ok at the 12 week scan – I got teary as Vee went off to the check-out to buy it (hello hormones!)  so I can’t wait for her to play with it as it felt like a really special purchase.

Whats on my changing table?

On the second level down, I’ve organised everything into lined wicker baskets to keep everything together and in mini-categories. On the left is babies ‘bathtime‘ basket, with all the products she’ll need for bathing and skincare (taking after her mother needing a huge selection), plus little soft sponges and cotton buds. We actually bought the handy Johnson’s Baby Essentials Set, as if I’m totally honest, I didn’t know exactly what we’ll need, so it’s nice to have everything in one handy set. Plus, the set came in a handy carry case which matches our nursery colours too (see below). Our second basket is ‘nappy changing‘ essentials, including cotton wool balls, Sudocrem and Nappy Bags. It’s not for nappy changes, but I also had a bottle of Infacol given to me by a friend, so I’ve put this here for safekeeping for the time being! Lastly, we have been stocking up on wipes since the 12 week scan and have SO MANY packets already – We have bought a few different brands so we can trial them and see what works for our baby as I’ve heard lots of different opinions on these.

Whats on my changing table?

Lastly, the lower level – We have nappies all unpacked and easy to grab in another matching lined wicker basket. These are Newborn Size 1, we are going to start with those but I’ve bought a few packs of size 2 as well. You never know what size she might be! The purple case is from the Johnson’s Baby Set, we are going to use this as a nappy bin on the go as it’s the perfect size to slot onto the bottom shelf and closes tight shut to keep odours at bay until it’s been emptied.

So, that is our changing table so far! As a first time Mum I’ve just had to research all the different things I need, so if I’ve missed anything, give me a comment below or a tweet with the things you found useful! Maybe when I actually use it I’ll change the order, who knows until we get there but at least I’ve got it all set up and it’s one step down.


Big thanks to East Coast Nursery for having me as a blogger on your latest challenge! To view the full range of nursery furniture and accessories, have a look at their website here.

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  • Eeeeep, it’s so sweet! We get the keys to our new place on November 15th, and I can’t bloody wait to get baby’s room started omg I am SO ready haha! I’ll be 30 weeks by then I think, eeep! Well and truly need this move out of the way haha! We’ve luckily been gifted a silver cross changing table, and I can’t wait to get it in the room haha!
    The little teddy is so sweet! I’m still so pleased for you for your little buba xx

  • Changing table was one of the best things we had, as it saves your back. However the baby oil will never get used and you will wonder in 3 years times if there is something you can use it for (just like us)…. Apparently its good for removing makeup!