Cards, Cards, Cards! Baby Shower, Birth Announcement and Beyond…

When it comes to planning for baby, everyone immediately thinks about decorating the nursery, buying cute babygrows and which pushchair you are lusting after. However, there is actually a lot more planning going on behind the scenes! So, today I wanted to talk about one of the things if you are an expectant parent that you’ll need a lot of! That is cards and invitations! Having a baby includes so many different people – friends, family, work colleagues and more so it’s a great idea to stock up on cards now, as when baby comes I’m sure you’ll be sending out more letters than the post office! As I love to plan ahead, I’ve been creating a few custom designs using a gorgeous website called Basic Invite – they are one of the only websites I’ve found that have totally customisable cards and invitations. Usually when I’m looking for a card, I’ll love a design but hate the colours, so I was excited to see with Basic Invite, you can literally change EVERY LITTLE DETAIL – even the envelopes come in over 40 colour shades. Perfect if you are perfectionist like me! 😉 So, if you have a baby on the way, here are few ideas to think about….


Firstly, who doesn’t love a Baby shower?! Luckily for me, I’m having one planned by a good friend of mine, so I won’t need to worry! However, for a lot of Mum’s getting the right invites is a big part of putting together the perfect shower. I really love these custom baby shower invites as there are quite a few gender neutral options, I know we are having a girl but it doesn’t mean everything has to be pink! It seems everyone seems to go overboard with the blue or pink for a baby shower, so it was refreshing to see so many different designs, whether you know your babies gender or not. There are also quite a few themed designs, so if you’ve picked out the perfect Pinterest-worthy garden party baby shower or a BBQ with burgers galore, there is something for you!


One thing we definitely will be ordering is are some super cute birth announcement cards! I’m sure once baby arrives, we will be so busy there won’t be much time for card ordering, so at the moment I’m doing the design part and saving my perfect design! As soon as she is born I’ll pop in a cute photo of her and get them ordered! It might be a nice idea to use these as ‘thank you‘ cards as well, I’m sure every new baby gets showered in presents, so I’m planning to put a personal thank you message into each card too.


basic_invite_fistb1I know, we are little far from her first birthday but the Pinterest-planning-addict in me, can’t help but look ahead. To be honest I’ve already planned out the perfect 1st birthday cake smash photoshoot, so why don’t add planning unique first birthday invitations into the mix too! I’m sure we’ll be throwing her a little soirée, so I better get planning!


These are just a few ideas for ordering the perfect cards before and after baby, I’m sure along the way there will be more cards too! I’d love to hear about your designs if you’ve recently had a baby shower or announced your birth! Basic Invite is a US site, but you can order in GBP and ship to the UK, so give them a go! 🙂
Post written in collaboration with Basic Invite
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