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Geek Girls Christmas Gift Guide 2016

Geek Girls Christmas Gift Guide 2016

It feels like Christmas is creeping up faster than ever this year and I haven’t even started my Christmas Shopping yet! As the evenings draw in I think it’s time to start rolling out my 2016 gift guides – starting with my very favourite topic, geek chic! Every year, Vee and I love to buy each other ‘geeky’ presents – fun, unique things that will also come in handy for the following year. We are only exchanging small gifts this year, so it needs to be something fun that stands out. With that in mind – I’ve been scouring the internet for this years best Christmas gifts to put together this Christmas gift guide with all the geekiest picks, for the girl in your life who loves something a bit different!

Geek Girls Christmas Gift Guide 2016

  1. Lego Yellow Submarine – How CUTE is this Yellow Submarine Lego Set? They just keep getting more and more imaginative! Love the little models of the band members along with a Jeremy figure. The model includes a removable top  for easy play, cockpit, two rotating propellers, four periscopes and an adjustable rudder. Hours of fun!
  2.  Doctor Who Colouring Book – While away the hours, stresses and strains by colouring these addictive Dr Who patterns, great for any Whovians in your life.
  3.  Fitbit Alta Pink Leather Wristband – Eaten a little too much over the festive period? Yep, I’m sure I will too. I absolutely love this gorgeous pink fitbit, obviously having such a pretty accessory would inspire me to exercise a bit more I’m sure! (thats what I tell myself anyway)
  4. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera  – I have wanted a Polaroid Camera forever – since I was teenager infact, when I remember my friend had one of these (retro!) Now we have these sweet Instax cameras which come in various different colours, plus you can order the cutest polaroid film too – need!
  5.  Star Wars Crochet – Ok, so this is a little cheat item, as I actually have this one – but it’s such a cute set I wanted to recommend it. If you love crochet and Star Wars, this is the gift for you! I haven’t started it yet but I’m sure I’m going to be crocheting away over the Christmas break, making all of the cute little models – the baby is going to love them!
  6.  Star Wars Limited Edition Rollerball Pen – Carrying on on the Star Wars theme is this amazing rollerball pen. Ok, it’s a little on the pricey side, but a limited edition item that all Star Wars die-hard fans would love and is a real keep sake item.

So, thats my geeky Christmas gift guide for 2016 – I would love to see your geekiest gift ideas too, leave me a comment below!

Geek Girls Christmas Gift Guide 2016

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  1. The Sunday Mode
    13 November, 2016 / 2:26 am

    Ah literally everyone in my family is obsessed with their fitbits! I’m the only one that doesn’t have one…