Peppermint Creams – Simple Christmas Recipe

Peppermint Creams - Simple Christmas Recipe

As Christmas gets closer, I getting so in the festive spirit! So I decided this week to do a little baking! Well, I say the word ‘baking’ loosely, this is more a cold, no-bake sweet treat, but you get the idea! I’ve never been much of a cook, when I try and bake a cake, I turn my kitchen into a whirlwind of mess –  think flour EVERYWHERE including in my hair and eyebrows, eggs broken on the side, every single pot, pan and utensil covered in glooping cake mix and not much left in the mixing bowl. Yep, thats the usual scene of my kitchen once I’ve been in there, it always has been. I don’t know why, but cooking makes me so clumsy and accident prone. Because of this I usually avoid baking at all costs, but with baby on the way something inside is telling me to brush up my ‘home-making skills’ and finally learn to bake properly. After all I do want to teach my little girl to cook, so I really better get my act together myself or I’ll turn her into another little mini-baking disaster like me.

So, when Boohoo got in touch to ask what my favourite Christmas recipe was, I was inspired to finally get my baking skills off the ground and try and make something Christmassy to share on my blog. Plus, to really get me in the festive mood, they even sent me this really cute maternity Christmas Jumper to wear too!

I popped on the Christmassy tunes in the kitchen, limbered up and decided to start of easy by making something super easy but classic. So here it is, here are my delicious, sweet Peppermint Creams.

Peppermint Creams - Simple Christmas Recipe



1. Measure the ingredients and sift the icing sugar. Gradually mix the icing sugar into the condensed milk. Add the peppermint extract to taste and knead until smooth.

2. Dust a clean surface with icing sugar and roll out the mixture to around 5mm thickness. Shape your peppermint creams by either using sweet cookie cutter shapes, or if you are like me and a bit cack-handed with a cutter – just roll into even balls and slightly flatten into even shapes.

3. Leave in a cool place to dry (about 2-3 hours).

4. Decorate your Peppermint Creams – this is the fun bit! There are so many ways you could decorate them so get creative! The most traditional way is to drizzle plain chocolate or dip one half. However I decided to go for a look which I fondly call ‘Polar Bears on the Rocks’, which is a nice thick swirl of Milk Chocolate, Edible Glitter Snow and Candy Polar bears, but each to their own!

5.  Allow to set. Keep refrigerated in an airtight container and use within 3 weeks.

Peppermint Creams - Simple Christmas Recipe

Yum! They are so quick and easy to make, plus they are sweet and delicious too! These make ideal gifts with a lovely homemade touch. You can make a batch, then package them into cute bags as a little stocking filler. Enjoy! 

If you fancy a nosey at my last years Boohoo Christmas Jumper (featuring Robbie and I in matching jumpers) you can find that here.

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Peppermint Creams - Simple Christmas Recipe

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