Eek! I’m in the Third Trimester – A mega update!

Eek! I'm in the Third Trimester - A mega update!

Oh my god, can you believe it – we are into the third trimester already! It’s gone so quickly, but at the same time I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever. I can’t imagine what it’s like to eat brie, roll on my belly or drink gin, but we have not got long to go now! I kept meaning to write updates throughout the second trimester, but I haven’t actually managed one since I was 16 weeks! (oops, I’m a bad blogger). Although I have been sharing lots of snippets of life on social media, I’m sure you will have seen one of my many pregnancy rants! Anyway, today I’m wanted to share a MEGA update of everything that’s been going on. As we get closer to the due date I want to write more too, to document and keep these moments forever. So this might be a bit lengthy, grab a cuppa and join me for an update!


I can only describe pregnancy as up and down. I’m finding it quite tough, if I’m honest. I thought I’d be this glowing earth mother, but most of the time everything hurts and I’m too tired to function. I also confess I get pretty grumpy too, not to mention the fact I will simply cry at the drop of a hat, sometimes for no reason at all. Apart from all of this, the second trimester went by without any problems, although it was a bit of a slog for me, medically all has been ok. As I hit around 26-27 weeks I literally felt my body slow right down approaching the big third trimester – eek! I suddenly felt giant, heavy and everything began to ache more than ever. I also said goodbye to sleeping well, as I can only lay on my left side, so my energy levels have just disappeared. I’ve been up at all hours during the night (mainly making bowls of porridge like a proper mumma bear) and would do anything for a proper nights sleep.

I’m preparing myself as I think this is how things will be now for the next few months and I’m only going to get bigger. But, on a positive note, it’s the best time of year for this to happen –  the weather is cold outside, so I can just chill out at home under a blanket and get away with watching hours of Gilmore Girls, without feeling too guilty.

So far, I’ve been stretch-mark free and I think that my Secret Saviours Bump Support Pack has been a big part of this as it really is a lifesaver, it helps so much when my back gets sore and really adds a lot of support for my ever growing bump.


Baby is just fabulous – we haven’t had any problems at all. She kicks a lot (mainly at night), she’s measuring well (although on the petite side) and all my tests at the midwife have been clear. We have a couple of appointments this month but they are nothing to worry about – I have to have Anti-D injections as my blood type is RH negative, plus we have an obstetrician checkup at 32 weeks, but thats only as we had IVF – they just like to be a bit more involved.


4D Scan: Yesterday we had the most magical experience as we got to see our babies face for the first time! We had a 4D scan at Window to the Womb Surrey.  As opposed to being clinical like an NHS scan, this is all about getting you lovely views of your baby to help with bonding. We were are treated like royalty from the moment we arrived, the dimly lit rooms are so relaxing with soothing music playing throughout the scan. It’s a fantastic experience. The minute the 4D came on I literally welled up and felt so emotional, it’s so amazing. I couldn’t quite get my head around that little baby being mine and in my tummy, it’s surreal. Baby Peaches was a little bit of a monkey as she kept facing the wrong way, so we did have our scan in two parts with a quick walk round the block in the middle, but we knew she was on the stubborn side from previous scans so we were ready for that! We went for the ‘Born to be a Star‘ package, which was perfect as we got prints to take home and a movie of the scan too. I also treated myself the baby to a gorgeous unicorn toy that has a recording of her heartbeat inside, such a lovely keepsake I’ll treasure forever.  I’d highly recommend a 4D scan to any expectant parents, it’s such a great experience and has given me the boost I needed when pregnancy has been feeling a bit tough. When I saw that little face, it’s all worth it.

Eek! I'm in the Third Trimester - A mega update!

Here are some of the best bits from our scan movie:


Preparing the Nursery: Vee has been busy getting the nursery prepared. Here is a sneak peek of our colours below! I’ve been getting the furniture side sorted by ordering our cotbed, arranging the changing table and sorting out all our baby gro’s into sizes – we have been so lucky to have been given so many gorgeous hand-me-downs by friends that we’ve barely had to buy any!

Eek! I'm in the Third Trimester - A mega update!

Crochet Projects: When I have a spare moment I’ve been getting back into my crocheting and realised how relaxing I find it. It’s been the perfect hobby to make me sit down and rest (I’m so guilty of overdoing it). I’ve already made 2 baby blankets (pictures: here and below) and a cardigan (picture here). I’ve also bought a gorgeous selection of pink yarns and will be starting a new project with them very soon which should keep me busy over the festive period. I still have some of the lilac wool left too, so I was thinking of making Baby a matching bobble hat to match her blanket, how cute would that be!

Eek! I'm in the Third Trimester - A mega update!

Eek! I'm in the Third Trimester - A mega update!

So thats our little update so far! Expect more to come over the next months as we start the official countdown to meeting Baby Peaches in February! 




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