Home Decor: Take a peek in our new Bathroom!

Home Decor: Take a peek in our new Bathroom!

To many, our bathroom might just look like an average room but if you’d have seen it when we moved in, you wouldn’t believe it’s the same house! We have lived in our house for two years now and it’s only now we have managed to get the bathroom totally finished – getting major renovations certainly isn’t cheap, so it’s been slow progress, but it’s been totally worth it. Firstly, before you see too many of the finished project, take a look at my bathroom renovation posts to see how far we have come months ago – I blogged about living in a building site (where you can actually see we had walls being ripped down and no running water for SO LONG) and then I posted an update when we had the floor put in, but I hadn’t actually blogged about the finished look – with all the little extras that make it finally ours.

So, talking about the decor, the reason it’s taken us so long to complete is that we have been back and forth with it, quite a few times. We decided we wanted to go for a Victorian theme, but with a green colour scheme. We went all over the place looking for green tiles but just couldn’t find the shade we really wanted, so we bought some green paint instead. However, this turned into a disaster – I can safely say when you get paint mixed from those little colour swatch cards, BE CAREFUL or get a tester pot first – we ordered what we thought was a lovely muted light green but as we got painting, we soon realised we were painting the calls a rather vibrant shade of lime green! It just didn’t look right at all, lime green isn’t the tranquil, peaceful bathroom colour we hoped for, it was more like a child’s bedroom or a Mexican Restaurant! So, before the painting was even finished we decided to take it all down, rushing off to the nearest B&Q to buy the biggest tin of just plain white paint, to start again from scratch. It turns out when painting a bathroom, just keeping it to white (or a neutral colour) is a good idea – you can add pops of colour through the decor, towels and ornaments you choose. PHEW! What a palava.

Home Decor: Take a peek in our new Bathroom!So, onto my favourite element of the bathroom – the floor! We chose a traditional victorian checkerboard, which not only looks gorgeous, but we got underfloor heating so it’s lovely and toasty warm too! It’s got to be my favourite part of the room.

Onto our green theme! So after the paint/tile disaster we were so pleased to find these beautiful Super Hygro towels from Christy in the shade ‘Green Tea’ which colour wise, which worked so much better to give us that pop of vibrant green, than any paint or tiles we could have chosen. They are such lovely towels too – thick, fluffy, warm and luxurious – I don’t think I’ve ever owned such gorgeous towels. Christy also offer the option to get our names embroidered on too, which is just such a lovely touch (although usually I mark my own towels with copious amounts of mascara smudges, ha!). As well as a matching towel bundle, we picked up the bathmat and two face cloths too, so we have the complete matching set now, which definitely gives a sleek look, compared to our mismatched collection of random towels we used to have!

Home Decor: Take a peek in our new Bathroom!

I then finished off the bathroom with relaxing scented candles, like this one from The Body Shop that smells amazing (even when it’s not burning) and some plants for some more greenery and positive energy.

Home Decor: Take a peek in our new Bathroom!

Of course, I couldn’t do a complete tour without mentioning a few favourite products too (it’s the old school beauty blogger in me coming out!) So, firstly, hair products – I’m currently LOVING the Paul Mitchell KerActive in Forever Blonde. Just before Christmas I attended a lovely event run by Salon Success, who gave me this set as a little Christmas gift, it was super thoughtful as they matched the gifts to our hair colours/types. I haven’t had my hair coloured in ages, so using this is keeping my blonde lovely and bright, without making it too frizzy (as I often find brightening goes hand in hand with drying but this isn’t the case at all). If you fancy a look at the Salon Success bloggers evening, Aine wrote this post – it was fab!

Home Decor: Take a peek in our new Bathroom!

Onto a few of my favourite pampering products – Of course at this time of year I always have a big bottle of Lush Snow Fairy to work my way through, that has been tradition for many years now and doesn’t get boring! My other favourite Christmas/Winter scent this year has been the Vanilla Chai range from The Body Shop – it smells just divine, I have both the bath bubbles and body butter – yum! I’ve been working my way through my collection of the Superfood Face masks and now the weather is a little colder, the Ethiopian Honey Deep Moisturising Mask is suiting my dry/dull skin just perfectly. Lastly, for an all over scrub from top-to-toe the Brazilian Cupuaçu Scrub-In-Oil is one of the best body scrubs I’ve used in a LONG TIME, it leaves my skin so silky soft and nourished by the oil, however a word of warning to pregnant ladies (and anyone else really!) it makes the bathtub SUPER SLIPPERY so don’t fall over in the oil…………!

Home Decor: Take a peek in our new Bathroom!

So, that was a little whizz around our new bathroom. I absolutely love it now we’ve finally got it to where we want it to be, it’s like my little sanctuary – I live in there at the moment, with a good book, cup of tea and a hot bath I can easily while away the hours, it’s my happy place and my calm zone. Worth the wait! 

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  • Hey, Happy New year! Hope you had a nice time. Your bathroom looks lovely 🙂 bet it’s such a nice feeling going in there now. I definetly agree with adding pops of colour onto neutral backgrounds, then you can change it up when you want? i also really love your flooring.x

    • Happy New Year to you too! Thank you so much! 🙂 Yeah I’m so pleased we just went with coloured towels, rather than a big commitment like the tiles! If we get bored of the green it’ll be easy to change! xx

  • Wow great job. I would put up a photo of ours but you’d be mildly horrified. It’s our DIY project for this year – one of many! Love the personalised towels too – very posh!

    • Thank you! Haha, aww I’m sure I wouldn’t be horrified, did you see our before pics!? I had to fight through the mould to get to our old shower! (It was like that when we moved in!) Enjoy your project, it’s so fun refreshing a room! xx

  • CAN I COME AND LIVE WITH YOU PLEASE, haha! This is absolutely gorgeous! It must be soooo nice now that it’s all finished! Love the towels too! I can’t believe that I didn’t get around to getting myself any Snow Fairy this year, omg it’s my favourite 🙁 x

    • Haha, yes come and live here!!! We could have a little nursery for the babies and take it in turns to look after them whilst the other one has a relaxing bath. PERFECT! xx

  • We have a victorian house and have similar tiles to you in our bathroom. I absolutely love your floor – we have plans for similar tiles in our entrance hall – love them! x

    • Haha, funny you should say that! We have loads of tiles left over from the bathroom and are going to put them in our entrance hall too! Great minds! 😉 xx

  • It looks so nice! Love your floor too, and jealous of your underfloor heating! We also have Christy towels, think I picked them up at Home Sense at couple of years ago and they’re still lovely and fluffy. Can’t beat getting out of the bath/shower to a warm, fluffy towel can you?! Enjoy lots of lovely soaks before baby arrives 🙂

    • Christy Towels are SO lovely, I didn’t realise what a difference it made having warm, fluffy towels, but it really is wonderful. Probably wouldn’t buy anything else now! Thank you, I’m making the most of it whilst I still can! xx

    • Haha, yeah it was just too bright, if we got up in the night it would just be SO shocking to the system, bathrooms are meant to be peaceful areas! 🙂 xx

  • Wow, this looks amazing! We’re just about to start redoing our bathroom, so I’m definitely inspired seeing your final images. We’ve had that problem with paint before where it looks entirely different when you put it on the wall – very annoying! One time we bought what looked like a lovely grey, but when we put it onto the wall over the shell pink the previous owners had left, it turned out a weird shade of lilac with the pink showing through – even more layers didn’t help! I love the floor, it looks gorgeous 🙂
    Sian xx Rebel Angel

    • Ooh, we’ve had that with paint too! It can look SO different depending on the wall, the lighting, lots of different things. Glad I’ve inspired you to give decorating your bathroom a go 🙂

  • Hi Fiona! I’ve come to say hello as I saw your thread on the Brighton bloggers FB group – hello! Love the Victorian look – I’m doing mine in the same style but am totally overwhelmed! There are 87 choices to make… but hopefully I’ll get there soon. Seeing yours complete is a good motivator! x

  • One of the bathrooms in our new flat is a really horrible shade of yellow and I have absolutely no idea what they were thinking. I’ve picked a blue to replace it with and am a bit worried as I didn’t do any testers and just went with it – but my thinking is it can’t be any worse than it currently is! I really like the look of yours!

    Nicola // pink-confetti.co.uk