My Maternity Leave Bucket List

WAHOO! I’m officially now on Maternity Leave! So far – it feels so bizarre, I’ve never had so much time off in the whole of my adult life, so a year off just feels crazy! It’s only my first day but I already feel like this is quite a surreal time, where I don’t have to work, but I don’t have a baby to look after either. Everyone keeps telling me to RELAX but I hate sitting around too much – ideally, I want to find the sweet balance between enjoying my newfound ‘freedom’ and chilling out a bit too. I’m 100% sure this time will fly by and everything is going to change very quickly – so I need to make the most of it. As I’m not one to just sit down for hours upon hours (I’ve heard breastfeeding involves a lot of sitting, so I’ll save the box-sets for then!)  I’ve put together a few lists of the things I want to get done, hopefully, before our little bubba arrives! Of course, this could all go to waste, she could be here at any second – but it’s nice to have a plan of what to do, if I end up with enough time.


  • All the lunches, brunches and coffees I can manage! I’ve literally been texting all of my friends that are off during the week to organise as many catch-ups as possible. Over the next couple of weeks I’m looking forward to trying places like The Body Fuel Cafe and Team Dominica – plus fitting in as much time with friends as possible. I’ve also been chatting to some of the girls I met at NCT classes, so it’ll be nice to create some new ‘Mummy friends‘ during this time too.
  • This week I’m looking forward to a crafty shop at Hobbycraft with my equally crafty friend Ari. I am going to look for scrapbooking, crochet and pom pom making kits so I can fill my time with crafts aplenty.
  • If you have ever been pregnant before, you’ll know EVERYTHING HURTS towards the end, so I’m extremely lucky to have been treated to a lovely ‘Baby on Board’ pregnancy massage at The Grand Hotel, following my recent review of their GB1 restaurant. I honestly can’t wait, I’ve been sleeping so badly so am hoping it will relieve some tension and that I don’t sleep through the whole thing!
  • Vlogging, Blogging, Instagramming, Tweeting  – I’m looking forward to spending some quality time on my blog, rather than just trying to fit it into my busy life – I’m going to get scheduling posts for after baby and planning out some new and exciting projects for the year. I’m also starting weekly(ish) vlogs, so watch this space!



  • Wash all baby clothes and bedding
  • Help Vee with DIY and organising nursery furniture and decor
  • Order last bits of nursery furniture – I really want an Ikea POANG chair and a nice footstool to go with it!
  • Practice my Hypnobirthing affirmations, breathing and scripts daily
  • Eat 6 dates & drink raspberry leaf tea everyday
  • Decluttering the house – Konmari all the way!


Yes, believe it or not, I AM planning to relax, I promise……….

  • I’m absolutely loving ‘The Muse‘ by Jessie Burton at the moment, I would also love to read her other book ‘The Miniaturist’ – that should keep me busy as I only read a few pages at a time as I get so sleepy!
  • I can’t wait for some time to catch up with my crochet projects – I’ve got another blanket on the go for Baby Peaches, plus a couple of little gifts for friends with babies due very soon.
  • One of my favourite things to do whilst pregnant is have a long, warm bath – I’ll be working my way through my Lush bathbomb supply and making the most of the quiet time while I can.
  • Box-sets – Gilmore Girls, The Killing, The OA and The Bridge are all on my ‘to-watch’ list – any more recommendations?

Thats it! We shall see how I get on…. now I’ve written this, she’ll probably arrive tomorrow and jinx it all, or maybe I’ll just spend the time napping – Who knows!

Did you have any plans for your maternity leave and most importantly, did they happen??

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