Pregnancy: Weeks 28-34: When things don’t always go to plan

Time seems to be flying through this pregnancy now, I can’t believe that on Monday I’ll be 34 weeks – only 3 weeks away from the baby being fully cooked or ‘term’! Eek, things are really beginning to heat up now and it’s exciting and terrifying all in one. I can’t believe that in around 6 weeks, she will be here! So, as we are getting to the final stages, I want to record as many moments as possible as we get the final bits of preparation done. I can only describe this last few weeks as a bit of a rollercoaster, things have been good, things have been unexpected and we have mainly been growing, growing, growing! It seems at a lightning speed now, I keep wondering how much bigger I’m going to get before I pop!

So, we will start off with the couple of unexpected moments, so we can end on the happier times!


Pregnancy: Weeks 28-34: When things don't go to plan

Just before Christmas when I was around 30 weeks, we went to see Kylie Minogue at the Royal Albert Hall (you may have seen this little vlog I made of the day). I’d been getting a LOT of Braxton Hicks for the last few weeks but at this point they seemed to be getting more and more frequent. However, I didn’t worry too much as they didn’t hurt and as soon as I sat down they would go away – I just popped it on my list to speak to the midwife about at my next appointment. Anyway, cue the Kylie concert – it was a GREAT show (the bit I saw) but it was also very hot, very loud and as the evening heated up everyone was on their feet dancing…..Well, apart from me. My tummy decided to start giving me contractions every 3 minutes or so, which was amazingly uncomfortable – I know this as I was getting one/two per song. Yep, I was timing my contractions on Kylie songs! I didn’t really know whether to start worrying, they weren’t painful as such but they were bad enough I couldn’t stand up, so I spent the most of the Kylie concert huffing, puffing, leaning over my seat, sitting down and riding through the contractions as everyone danced around me. It was surreal. Vee was hoping my waters would break so we could tell Kylie I gave birth at her concert, but it didn’t happen…. thankfully! As soon as we got back to the hotel, all of the symptoms went away, it appeared to be a false labour and later my midwife described it as an ‘irritable uterus‘, not actual labour. PHEW.


Roll on to the following week when we treated ourselves to a final holiday as a family of 3. We headed down to a quaint thatch cottage in the cutest village of Lulworth Cove in Dorset. It was perfect and just what we needed to chill out, however I think we all chilled out a little too much as by the Tuesday morning I’d realised I hadn’t felt the baby move all morning. I quickly downloaded the Kicks Count App and read their website for advice on what to do. The advice said to drink a cold drink and lay on my left side to count movements, but nothing would get her to even give a squiggle. We decided it was best to be on the safe side and get her checked at hospital, but being away from home we had no idea where to go so I googled the closest A&E and off we went to Dorchester hospital as quick as we possibly could.  All I can say was that the hospital was AMAZING, I was seen to straight away – rushed into the maternity ward and put into a bed, strapped to a monitor and within minutes of arriving we heard little Baby Peaches heartbeat loud and clear on the monitor. They gave me a little button to press every time she moved and I didn’t push it much at all, but after around 45 mins-1 hour they were happy with her heartbeat and let us go. Funny enough, following on with the Kylie theme, baby didn’t move for the first 30 minutes on the monitor but as we were sitting around Vee showed me a Youtube video from the Kylie concert and as soon as the music was playing, baby started jiggling around! Safe to say she’s a big Kylie fan, just like her Mummy V. Anyway, all was well and we set off on our way. Turns out I think that was the calm before the storm as she headed into a massive growth spurt the following day, so she must have been conserving her energy…. and scaring us silly! I’d urge anyone questioning their babies movements to get checked though, the staff were amazing and it’s better to be safe than sorry. Check out Kicks Count for more information.


Pregnancy: Weeks 28-34: When things don't go to plan
The same outfit at 20 & 30 weeks

After the events of Kylie and Dorset – Baby seemed to just be preparing for the biggest growth spurt she’s been through to date, we are just growing so quickly. Sometimes I feel I can notice it overnight, it’s that fast. Her kicks have changed from punches and jabs to tight struggles where her space is running out. She also likes to jam her bum underneath my rib (mainly when I’m eating) which is a bizarre feeling I’ll remind her of one day, ha! Now that I’m bigger my ‘irritable uterus‘ seems to have cleared up a bit, it seemed to be a bit of a funny patch before the growth spurt, but we are doing well now.


Pregnancy: Weeks 28-34: When things don't go to plan

Christmas was a low-key affair for us this year, with our house in disarray whilst the nursery is being completely gutted and decorated – there just wasn’t enough room within the chaos to put up any decorations. Plus, Vee had to work on Christmas Day, so it was probably one of the most un-festive years to date, but I like to think I’m just saving myself for next year. First year with baby, who will be 10 months by then will be just lovely I’m sure, I can’t wait! I did wear my bumps first christmas jumper to get us in the festive spirit and we bought each other a couple of little gifts to mark the day. The great thing about being pregnant at Christmas is eating ALL the Christmas food without feeling guilty at all! I’ve missed my mulled wine and brandy butter this year though. Roll on Christmas 2017, it’s going to be so much fun!





Pregnancy: Weeks 28-34: When things don't go to plan

This next phase can only be described as ‘BUSY BUSY!’ We have around 6 weeks to go and we are all systems go with getting everything ready. The nursery is nearly all painted, but we are waiting for the floorboards to be sanded back and shutters on the big bay window to be fitted. Then we have the joyous task of assembling the flatpack furniture!

I’ve been busy packing my hospital bags (thanks to this list by Rachel) and been busy washing all the clothes and handwashing things I’ve made for the baby and her first teddy (how cute does he look all wet?)

Next week we start our NCT and Hypnobirthing classes, I’ve also organised a meet-up for other same-sex expectant parents, so I’m looking forward to meeting some new Mummies-to-be next week. It’s also our Baby Shower, kindly arranged by our friend Andrea, so that will be fab to get everyone together!!

Lastly, I am also eagerly stalking my preggo blogger friend Maisie as she’s just 37 weeks and is ready to pop any second, eek, I’m SO EXCITED for her and Jack! ?


It’s been a whirlwind of emotions the last few weeks, but we always knew pregnancy would be like that. I’ll try and fit in another update before little one arrives – eek! 

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