3 Important Post-Baby Self Care Tips

It’s time for another post for my Mama Stories Blogger Takeover series! Today I’m excited to welcome Chelle, a friend and a fellow Brighton Blogger. I have known for a few years now both on the blog and in person through blog events and suchlike! She is an absolute inspiration and superwoman – juggling life with 3 kids, a blog and her own business, I don’t know where she finds the time in the day, but she does! She wanted to discuss all things ‘self-care’ today – a really important topic for new Mum’s…. so, over to Chelle! 

You’ve had the baby and now what? Well mostly you are in this newborn haze and it’s gone from being all about you looking after the bump to a newborn baby with irregular sleep patterns.

It can be easy to neglect yourself and just throw yourself into parenthood, after all it is a really exciting and new adventure that you are all embarking on and it takes a lot of training! But you are just as important Mama and there are simple things you can do to make you feel a bit more refreshed, especially if you have a raver baby like I have.


Always make time to get washed and dressed. Of course the odd lazy PJ day wont go amiss but I always feel more on the ball when I have made that effort. Pop the baby in your partners arms, a bouncer and then just go to spend 10 minutes having a wash and choosing an outfit for the day. I always pop on a bit of mascara and lip balm as it make my face look a little more alive. You may need a little concealor but it’s not necessary to hide that sleep deprivation.


If your partner is making a lunch for work get them to do you one too. I always found that having something there that was easy to grab meant that I ate. Left to my own devices there is always a distraction whether it be trapped under a sleeping baby or thinking I needed to get on top of housework. You need to nourish your body to make sure it can survive the newborn haze.


Get out of the house and get some fresh air. It’s not just good for you but good for baby too. As soon as you feel able may plans for lunch dates or simple strolls around you home town. Create a little home bucket list of places you have ventured to nearby and start simple memories of maternity leave. The baby will sleep, wake, pop whereever you are and won’t really know much of their surroundings other than you so take this time for you. I have ventured and tried most breakfasts in Brighton during my 3 maternity leaves!

These are really simple tips but they are the start of you remembering that it is OK to make time for yourself. Yes your world should revolve around baby but a good mantra to keep is You cant look after baby if you aren’t looking after you. It’s ok to have some you time Mama!

Chelle writes over at ChelleMcCann.com about self care and lifestyle. After having her 3rd child she was diagnosed as having PND and is using self care and journalling to make sense of the motherhood haze.

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