Violet’s Nursery Tour

Violet's Nursery Tour

Welcome to Violet’s nursery! She has the best room in the house! It’s light and airy with beautiful seaviews – I’m rather jealous to be honest! We were working on it months before her arrival, lovingly choosing the colour paint (which is called Violet White, nonetheless) and carefully assembling furniture, dreaming one day she will be here to enjoy it all and now here she is! So, come take a look around her gorgeous room – she doesn’t sleep in here yet, but we play with her and change her nappy in here as much as we can in here so she’s used to it when the big day comes. I’ve also included a few recommendations in this post on things we are loving so far, so I hope you find that helpful too!

Violet's Nursery Tour
Violet’s Room with the playmats out – usually these are only on the floor if we are using them, or else a naughty black puppy dog thinks he has a new bed!

Violet's Nursery Tour

Rottingdean Seafront
The view from her nursery – she loves watching out of the window, the sun setting over the sea and the traffic passing by
Baby clothes in the wardrobe
This girl has more clothes than me, seriously! Luckily, most of this was given to us second hand from friends, we’ve been so lucky! It’ll be so sweet to compare photos of our babies wearing the same outfits too!
Star wars itty bittys
Scan Pictures (top left – 12 weeks, bottom left – 7 weeks (how tiny!!!) and bottom right – 20 weeks) plus her super cute Star Wars Itty Bittys, which I’m sure she will love when she’s old enough to hold them and cuddle them!

Basket of toys for a baby

Mothercare Lulworth cot bed

Violet’s cot is the Lulworth Cot bed from Mothercare, we bought this one as we wanted a cot she can grow into and will last a while. This will eventually turn into a toddler bed so it should do us for quite some time! She isn’t in it yet so at the moment it’s a place for all her teddies to live, but we plan to transition her into this cot at around 6 months old if she’s ready. We’ll have to see how we feel at the time as her bedroom is on a different floor to ours, so it’s not just next door, there will be a whole flight of stairs between us. We are also a fan of Dex the Dog Sleep Toy, he plays heartbeat sounds, waterfall sounds and 4 different melodies and is a lifesaver when it comes to bedtime. I love these toys as you can shake them to turn the sound on, rather than fumbling around for a switch in the dark.

Dex the Dog Soother Toy

handmade baby blankets
Beautiful Handmade Blankets

Police bear

Like all parents, we are keen to get reading to Violet and although I’m sure she doesn’t quite understand yet, we have a growing reading shelf which we already read to her. She does enjoy bright colours and pictures and I’m sure the sound of our voice is soothing – it’s never to early to start reading! We started her reading shelf at her baby shower, my friend that organised it asked everyone to bring their favourite children’s book, so she has quite a few already! Favourites have got to be That’s Not My Puppy
and ‘The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name‘.

Favourite book & gorgeous personalised Fantastic Firsts Cards

Violet’s changing table is from East Coast Nursery and is just the perfect addition to her nursery. You may remember I did a post before she was born on Changing Table Essentials? Well, here it is in action, months down the line! My top tips now for a changing table are to have everything close to hand, keep a large supply of nappies and wipes (see ours peeking out from behind the table and along the bottom shelf!) as you’ll go through them FAST. Also, keep hand sanitiser nearby in a pump form as you’ll need it after a messy change.

I also added a couple of Infantino Go Gaga Sensory Toys above the change table for her to look at, it’s just a home made mobile (nothing fancy!) but she loves it. She’s starting to bat her toys so this is the perfect time to practice and a distraction from her nappy/clothes change.

Another recommendation for the change table would be to have a good nappy bin! We have the Korbell Nappy Bin in Mint Green which is great as it’s hands free, has a double lid to keep in an odours and liners are biodegradable and easy to change.

We keep her pushchair and carseat in her nursery, so we can get everything organised in one place before a day out. She currently is using the Cosatto Giggle 2 travel system in Foxtales, which I’ll be fully reviewing in the next week or so, so keep an eye out for that one! Again, as she’s starting to look around all the time I’ve added another sensory toy to her car seat. At first she wasn’t great at being in her seat, I think she was so small she found the straps quite daunting, but this little spiral of colours and toys keeps her busy if she wakes on a journey, so she’s getting so much better at being in her car seat now.

The last things I wanted to mention are her bouncy chair and playmats. We use these ALL THE TIME and they have been a lifesaver for me when I’m on my own with her in the house, as she can now entertain herself for a few minutes allowing me to get on with a few bits like washing up or maybe even a spot of blogging. She has the Chicco Balloon Bouncer – it’s fun, colourful with lights and music to keep her entertained for hours – We use it daily, it means I have somewhere safe and fun to put her whilst so I can do a few bits around the house or have a shower. It’s so handy as it folds up really small to store away, has a carry handle to move about the house with ease and the covers are fully washable too, so all round a great product!

Tutti Bambini Garden Party Play Gym – She loves this one as it’s so super soft and comfy. The only problem is keeping Robbie away, he likes to think this is his new dog bed too!

Lastly, is her ‘Say Hello to Tummy Time’ mat – it’s so fun and colourful. She wasn’t a fan of Tummy time for quite a while as it just looked like she was face planting the floor, but with this mat there is plenty for her to look at and a lovely soft moon shaped cushion for her to rest on (although she likes to just lick it continuously!) There is a mirror, crinkly bits and sounds too for extra entertainment – it’s a hit with us!

Thanks for taking a tour around my nursery!


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