5 things to do in New York

A bit of a different post from me today – It’s been a while since I wrote a travel post hasn’t it? We used to go on so many holidays but they feel like a distant memory at the moment! But life is different now so thats okay with me, I’ll travel again one day. However, this doesn’t stop me planning little trips in my mind though, maybe things we can do when Violet is a little bit older and will start to appreciate it a little more. One of the places I have always wanted to visit but have never been is New York – The city that never sleeps! Do you know in just one New York minute, there are 222 airport passengers, 416 taxi rides, 2986 rides on the subway – not to mention the 150 pizza’s eaten, 7296 cups of coffee drank, plus 187 tweets and 83 Instagrams shared. PHEW – that’s a lot, right? And thats only scratching the surface!  So I thought I’d write a post about the top things I’d love to do on my first trip to New York as a mini-wanderlust session and maybe if you are planning a trip, you’ll find this helpful too?

Times Square

Of course, this has got to be one of the most iconic sights in New York, right? I would love to stand watching all those flashing neon lights as yellow cabs fly by. I’ve seen it so many times in the movies, it would just feel so surreal to finally be there! The perfect place to start our trip with some food and shopping.

Top of the Rock

Everyone wants to go to the top of the Empire Estate building as that is the most famous building in New York, however for the best and most iconic skyline view of New York the top of the Rockerfeller Center is actually the place to go, I mean you can’t see the Empire Estate building when you are in it, right? It’s not the tallest building, or the best looking -but for the best panoramic views over the city, central park and beyond – a trip to the Top of the Rock is essential!

Central Park

That brings us nicely onto Central Park. How beautiful does it look? Is it only me that finds the fact it’s perfectly rectangular so pleasing? It’s amazing to have such a peaceful, tranquil green space in such a busy, bustling city. Gliding across the water in a rowing boat, visiting the Alice in Wonderland Statue and a picnic in the sunshine would be high on my list of things to do. I didn’t actually realise until I started doing some research but the park is absolutely huge, you can easily spend a day exploring so make sure you put some time aside!

Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge has got to be on my list of places to visit – is always reminds me of that moment in Sex and the City where Miranda and Steve get back together, meeting in the middle of the bridge! Being the old romantic I am, I’d love to visit the bridge I’ve seen in so many TV shows and movies and maybe even recreate a scene myself (ha! not really).

Eat all the food!

I’m not sure if you’ll remember but a little while ago I shared The Foodies Guide to New York on my blog, which was a post all about eating ALL THE FOOD, with a handy map to ensure you are visiting all the best places. If I visited New York, I would literally eat and drink my way around the city from beginning to end – from huge stacks of American Pancakes with lashings of maple syrup to giant pizzas oozing with stringy cheese, I would have to try it all! (And then have to buy two plane seats to get me home again 🙂 )

These are my top picks for a trip to New York – if you’ve been, where would you recommend? 

Post written in collaboration with Netflights – all words and opinions are my own.

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