5 tips on moving house with a baby

5 tips on moving house with a baby

I didn’t write much about it on the blog, but if you follow me on social media – you’ll have seen my crazed tweets as about two weeks before Violet was born, we did something really silly – in a last minute freak-out about having enough space for the baby, we put our house up on the market. It was only around two weeks before she arrived and within days we’d found a sweet little bungalow we quite like the look of. So, at 9 months pregnant, I endured people traipsing round our house doing viewings every day, one was even my midwife (by coincidence!) We even got as far as instructing Slater Gordon Property Solicitors to start proceedings. Then, around 2-3 days later Violet was born and hounded by constant calls from the estate agent when our mind was on our new baby who was still in hospital with jaundice, we realised how silly we had been and called the whole thing off. It just wasn’t the right time for us.

Whilst we were in the throes of moving, I did however do lots of preparation on how we’d cope with moving with a baby. I spoke to a few friends who were crazy enough to do it and picked up following tips, so I thought it might be a nice idea to share the wisdom on here. Here goes:

  1.  Lay out everything for the baby, in the same places as at home – Try and keep some normality, especially around bedtime. One of the first things you should do is set up the crib and including some familiar toys and blankets so it feels like home immediately.
  2. Try and keep to the same routine – A big part of keeping normality is sticking to your original routine, so even if you are surrounded in boxes, try to keep feeding and sleeping times as close to your pattern as before.
  3. Invest in a baby carrier – If the baby won’t settle a carrier could be the only way to get things done so is an essential moving accessory!
  4. Accept it might not be perfect straight away – You may still be living in boxes for days (weeks!) to come, but who cares, you are in, you are happy – babies actually need very little so as long as they have their essentials and you, they will be just fine.
  5. Ask for help – If there was ever a time to ask for help – it’s now. Ask family and friends for help babysitting or with the move, just rope as many people as you can in, I’m sure they will be happy to lend a hand. If no one is available, another option is to hire a man with a van in Manchester, London or any other city nearest to your place.

We are still planning to move, one day. We might have missed out on the bungalow (which I’m pretty sad as it had a freestanding bath in the master bedroom!) but actually since Violet has arrived we’ve found a newfound love for our place now her nursery is finished and we’ve all settled in. It won’t last forever here as we’ll eventually run out of space, but it will certainly do for now and the time being.

Do you have any tips on moving with a baby? I’d love to hear them!

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  • Loved these tips! We moved when i was 30 weeks pregnant and it was TOUGH but I can only imagine how tough it would be to do it now Tyler is here! We have plenty of space for now but I know we will also run out at some point too! Hopefully when Tyler is a bit(or a lot) older would make it a lot easier!

  • I did think you were entirely mental moving when you were so pregnant. Although clearly people manage it! Great tips for those that brave it.

  • I did the same. Moved house when heavily pregnant. It was mad at the time but we suceeded.