Robbie’s Pupdate: Keeping it real

Well, it’s been a while since Robbie did a pupdate, right? Poor little mutt – he has been hidden away from the spotlight recently after Violet’s birth and he’s been one little grumpy pup about that too. Adjusting to family life has been a bit of a rough journey for him, but he is turning into a super protective big brother, even if he does sulk that he isn’t centre of attention the rest of the time. So today, let’s celebrate all things Robbie and let’s make this post all about him.

So, how has the little mutt been keeping? Well, when we first brought Violet home, he really struggled if I’m totally honest. He was with me when I went into labour so the last time he saw me I was probably behaving totally bizarrely to him, scrambling around on the floor on my birthing ball, making all sorts of noises! I then disappeared and reappeared a week later with a baby. It was like his whole life changed in that week and it’s taken him a long time to get used to it.

When he first met Violet and I have to say he didn’t show any interest at first. That was fine, but the part I found heartbreaking was that he would even turn his head away from me, even if I just tried to stroke him. This was particularly upsetting (probably for both of us) as before I had a baby he would sleep on me and be at my side every moment of the day. He was my little best friend and my shadow and now he wouldn’t even look at me.

A gentle introduction
A gentle introduction

Things were pretty rough for Robbie for a few weeks and we started to really worry. We even looked up a dog psychologist to try and get some advice. We’d talked about how to introduce Robbie to Violet before she had even arrived – I had written this post on Babycentre for about preparing your dog for a new baby so I thought we had it sussed! We tried everything to make him feel better, but I think I had forgotten one major part that is so, so, simple (face palm.) I needed to remember HE IS A DOG. In my post I talked about including him within the babies activities and buying him a present as if he was a bigger human sibling. I had focused way too much on treating him like a mini-human when the answer was staring me right in the face.

In the end this video by Wagg Foods which celebrates dogs for being dogs really helped put things into perspective. Dog’s love knowing their place within the pack and basically just doing things that dogs love – they don’t like cooing over a baby or tinkly lullabies – they want to get muddy on long walks, roll in hideous stinky things, eat copious treats and then snuggle up on their warm, soft bed afterwards.

So, instead of trying to integrate him into family life, we’ve been celebrating him for the silly, stinking little hound that he is and making sure we do plenty of ‘doggy activities’ to keep him busy too. This seems to be working so much better for him and he’s now back to his bouncy, ridiculous self.

Here are some snaps of our recent antics together:

Muddy Walks in the Bluebells | Ears flapping in the wind
Sunny Walks by the Windmill
Days at the beach
Snuggling up warm in his blankets

And of course, doing lots his favourite, favourite thing………. Eating!

All the treats! (Thanks Wagg!)

So, it just goes to show – dogs don’t need expensive presents or feel proud to be called a ‘big brother’. They just want to know they are still your family pooch, that you’ll walk them, love them and give them a treat when they are good. I’m so glad our Robbie is back to his normal self, I’d missed him so much!

Post written in collaboration with Wagg Foods

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  • Aww, he is so sweet. It’s hard to keep in mind that they are dogs when they act like small humans. I’m glad that he is happy. xx

  • Aww the wee squish! I’m glad he’s starting to settle again and going back to being a silly dog. He’s such a sweetheart and I’m glad he’s back to himself. What a silly egg!

    Honestly Aine

  • So nervous about this with ours, this is really helpful to keep in mind though! And may I say Robbie is looking the picture of health – such a sleek coat! Handsome boy! x