Posh Totty pops up in Topshop!

Posh Totty pops up in Topshop!

I love supporting local businesses and living in Brighton I really am spoiled for choice. However one of my all time favourites has got to be Posh Totty, as a blogger I’ve collaborated with them numerous times now and been to their fab craft classes – they just keep coming up with new and exciting stuff, so it’s time for another update! They have some of the most beautiful, personalised jewellery. It’s the kind of shop I walk into and I just want everything – It’s just right up my street. The fab thing about Posh Totty is nearly all of their pieces are fully personalised, so they make perfect gifts or just a little treat to yourself too.

I was recently invited down to visit their brand new ‘pop-up’ stand which is located in the hugggeeee Topshop in Churchill Square, Brighton. The stand offers personalisation as you wait which is really cool if you are impatient like me as usually you have to order bits from Posh Totty then wait a couple of days for your design to be created. They have a lovely selection of necklaces and bracelets – in all different finishes, silver, rose gold and gold. I also thought the pieces were reasonably priced too for such high quality items being between £15-49 depending on what you choose!

Posh Totty pops up in Topshop!Posh Totty pops up in Topshop!

So, I had a little look at the pieces and choose the one I wanted to be personalised. Luckily, the fab Posh Totty team were on hand to keep Violet busy (I think she won their hearts in a second!) so I had a few moments of baby-free shopping too! I chose the Double Hoop Necklace and of course, being a cliché blogger I am, I opted for rose gold (it had to be done, right?). I had one ring stamped with Violet’s name and have left the other blank for another day… you can get things added to your jewellery, so maybe one day I’ll get that one stamped too. I also enjoyed watching it being stamped and seeing how things would usually be done ‘behind the scenes’.

So, here it is! My beautiful necklace and the photo really doesn’t do it justice as my camera just hasn’t picked out the letters very well, but it looks beautiful in on – the personalisation is subtle and delicate which makes it look elegant as I find some personalised things can look a bit tacky.

Posh Totty pops up in Topshop!

Thank you so much for inviting me down to visit you Posh Totty – the personalisation station will be back in Topshop on the 24th July 2017 for 6 weeks, so make sure you head down and give them a visit. If you can’t get to Topshop they also have the shop on Sydney Street or you can order online if you aren’t local to Brighton too – and if you are looking for some inspiration, here are some of my favourite designs:

Posh Totty pops up in Topshop!

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