My Quick Lingerie Buying Guide

I was stunned to find out that as many as 64% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. This statistic came from survey of 10,000 women that was carried out by the lingerie firm Triumph. It got me thinking and I realised that a lingerie buying guide would be useful for a lot of my readers, which is why I decided to put this post together.

Get re-measured regularly

Most women get measured when they buy their first bra, but an awful lot of us never think to do so again. Instead we tend to try on a few different styles and buy the one that we feel fits us best. From then on, we tend to buy the same size lingerie, and tend to do so for many years. This is rarely a good approach. Most of us regularly put on and lose weight, not to mention the fact that we all change shape as we age. A far better approach is to measure yourself each time you go shopping for lingerie.

Buy the right style of lingerie for your body type

When buying lingerie there are two important considerations. Comfort and the way it looks. You want to buy lingerie that flatters your figure and fits you well. The only way to achieve this is to buy the right size and style for your body type. Getting the size right is easy enough once you have measured yourself. However, getting the style right is a bit trickier. In all likelihood you will need to try on quite a few different cuts to be able to work out exactly which is right for you. A lingerie style that works well for one woman is not necessarily going to be a good idea for someone with a different type of body shape. For example, demi cut bras work really well for women with small breasts, but someone with a bigger bust is likely to find that this cut does not offer them enough support. For them a balconette style bra is a much better option.

Try your lingerie on under clothes

You should always take the time to try any lingerie you buy on under some clothes. This way you can make sure that the way it fits does not create any unsightly bulges. If you are buying lingerie to wear for a wedding or party always try it on with the outfit that you are planning to wear. That way you can make sure that your underwear does not show, or does not change the way your dress hangs. Naturally, you want your lingerie to enhance your figure, so that you look as good as possible when wearing your special outfit. The last thing you need is to discover, at the last minute that the way your underpants are cut creates extra bulges exactly where you do not need them.

Take care of your lingerie

Another mistake many of us make is not caring for our lingerie well. If you follow the laundry tips in this article you will be able to enjoy wearing your favourites for far longer.


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