How to style this summer’s off the shoulder trend

Summer is the land of sunshine, beach holidays and – our favourite – summer trends. This warm season is seeing a whole lot of shoulder with the emergence of the off the shoulder trend, with both summer dresses and flowy tops springing up like daisies in stores everywhere. It’s a cute and flirty look that’s comfortable for when you’re out and about with the kids and is surprisingly easy to style. All you need to keep in mind are these simple tips.

Make noise with statement jewellery
With the off the shoulder trend, your exposed chest and shoulders essentially become a blank canvas, inviting room for a piece of show-stealing jewellery to fill the empty space.
You can go big with a beaded statement necklace in your favourite colour, or even a pair of shoulder-skimming earrings. It’s summer, after all, so the brighter and bolder, the better. Long necklaces of the dainty variety work just as well, especially in layers.

Add a dab of shimmery lotion

Like we were saying about that whole bare shoulder situation – this trend, as the name suggests, leaves a lot of room for embellishment in the shoulder area. Your skin is very much on display, so this is your chance to show off your true colours but with a little help in the shimmer department.

We’re talking about shimmery lotion, obviously. Shimmer lotion isn’t new, so you’ve got a whole host of options when it comes to skin tone and what nourishing benefits you can find. When your shoulders catch the light, your skin will have just that little rose gold tinge, giving you the whole summer goddess vibe. And don’t forget the sun cream, either – nothing puts a damper on bare shoulders like peeling skin.

Sport beachy waves

We’re totally in the camp of wearing your hair however makes you most comfortable, but wearing your hair down and proud works magic for filling the space created with an off the shoulder top. Add a few beach waves, and you’ll look like you’ve just sauntered in from a holiday in the Med. What’s more, the beachy hair trend works for all types of hair, and is about as easy as easy gets, as far as styling goes. Even Vogue says so.

Pair with the right bottoms

If you’re wearing off the shoulder summer dresses like this floral number from Sainsbury’s Tu summer dress collection, you’re covered in the bottoms department. But if you’re planning to wear this trend as a top, it’s important to pair it with the right bottoms.

Dress: Tu at Sainsbury’s

A good rule of thumb is, if your shirt flares out, go with straight cut bottoms like a pair of jeans or colourful trousers. If your top wears close to the form, a maxi skirt – A-line or bohemian will do – looks incredible and elegant. You can always tuck your off the shoulder top into your trousers to create a more tailored look. It’s really all up to you.

And don’t forget the right bra!

Nothing looks quite as awkward with a top of any kind than the wrong bra. The off the shoulder trend is no different. Bras that work best with off the shoulder summer dresses or tops are strapless ones, bandeaus, sticky cups and even a cute corset. Whatever works best for you and your body – being comfortable is most important.

Last but not least, confidence is an essential styling tool for the off the shoulder trend. Your shoulders should be high, not slumped! So get out there and let those sun-kissed shoulders out into the light.




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