12 Cleaning Tips for a clean home

12 Cleaning Tips for a clean home

So, firstly I should start with a disclaimer, this post is NOT sponsored or affiliated with Method, I’m just a real sucker for a blogger trend. Can you even call yourself a blogger if you haven’t watched 20 speed cleaning videos on Youtube or bought a bottle of the Method Anti-bac spray? Probably not. I’m also laughing at myself as I used to sucked in by blogger trends to buy the latest skincare products, eyeshadow palette or overpriced scented candle, now I’m hooked on the latest cleaning product trend – how life changes. Anyway, this post was off to a slightly rambly start, I actually wanted to talk about cleaning. I’ll admit – I am obsessive about cleaning. I love a clean home and if things are out of place I feel uncomfortable and unsettled until it’s sorted. I also really enjoy cleaning once I get into it, I think it’s the feeling of satisfaction that everything is sparkling, fresh and clean that makes me enjoy it, rather than the actual ‘doing’.

But, I have to mention on the flip-side of this I have a busy lifestyle – with a young baby, a hairy dog, my blog, freelance work, not to mention family and social time – it’s hard to get it all done! Our home is often much less than perfect (much to my sadness!) so I’ve had to find a middle ground with it all and accept sometimes things aren’t perfect, but just to the best I can, in the time I have.

So how do I do it? Here are a few tips for keeping the home clean, when time is limited or if you downright hate cleaning and don’t fancy doing it very often… hope they help!

Little and Often

With cleaning, I don’t tend to spend hours on it as I clean a little bit every day. Every morning I do at least 30 minutes, which seems to cover most areas and means I keep on top of everything -rather than leaving it all to do in one go which can seem like a really daunting task. I give the house a deeper clean around once a week too where I’ll spend more time and go into more detail in each room.

Clean as you go

Try to clean up as you go along. Violet has just started weaning which is SO MESSY – I tend to try and wipe up any big spills at the time, even if she’s still eating to keep on top of everything, then the cleanup isn’t so bad at the end. This is the same concept with cooking, wash pots and pans whilst eating and clear up before you eat your meal. This one I’m actually pretty bad at when I’m cooking but I’m trying!

Cleaning Challenge

Sometimes if I’m tired and not feeling like cleaning I’ll do a ’10 minute speed challenge’ – if you aren’t sure about these, put that into the search bar on Youtube and you’ll find hundreds of videos (they are strangely fascinating to watch!) I put on some upbeat music and set my phone timer for 10 minutes, I then challenge myself to see how much I can get done in that ten minutes. I swear after doing this for a couple of months now I can get so much more done in the time than before! Plus, what is ten minutes in the whole day? It’s hardly any time really (I bet most people spend longer on social media) but it makes such a difference!

Make the Beds

If you have to do one thing in the morning – make your bed and open the curtains. This makes such a difference to a room and makes things look so much neater.

Clear the Surfaces

This is similar to making the beds – if you have limited time, just make sure the surfaces on your house are clear of clutter, including the washing up, drying board and any surfaces you can see. This immediately opens up a room, even if the cupboards inside are busting at the seams, you can tackle them later!

12 Cleaning Tips for a clean home

Time Saving Products  and sprays

I find if I’ve got brand new, shiny cleaning products or handy gadgets I enjoy cleaning so much more. I recently tweeted about these awesome microfibre slippers   (and had SO MANY REPLIES… everyone loves them!) which are so handy for picking up dog hair on the go and cleaning the floors, I’ve also been running my toe along the skirting boards as I pass, they’ve never looked so clean! Other things include, lovely smelling products like the Method Range, scented candles or my favourite – Yankee Candle Wax Tarts to freshen a room, or time saving gadgets like this mop with built in spray. I really really want a Cordless Hoover too, but we’ll have to save our pennies for that one as the one I have my eye on is not cheap!

Declutter – Mari Kondo folding

I read the book ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying‘ and it really changed the way I store things. I’m not amazing at decluttering yet (no one is perfect!) but I’ve really mastered the way of folding clothes into little squares to save space in drawers and cupboards. I highly recommend learning that technique, especially for baby clothes, it saves us so much space in Violet’s room and keeps her drawers really neat.

Sort everything before bed

I always go to bed with the house tidy, I make sure all washing up is done, all laundry is hanging on the rack and the living room is tidy with cushions plumped and ready for the next day. It’s so horrible waking up to a mess, so I do the last bits of tidying up at night once everyone is in bed to ensure we start with afresh with a clean house the following day.

If it takes 2 minutes – do it now

During the day, if I see a task that needs doing I think in my mind ‘Will this take less than 2 minutes?’ if so, I do it there and then rather than leaving everything to build up.

Sort stuff out every 6 months

I try to go through our stuff and get rid of anything I haven’t worn/used for 6 months – this includes clothes, beauty/skincare products and just anything thats been laying around. If I’d forgotten about it, I clearly don’t need it. Our cupboards are still busting at the seams even though we do this, but I guess thats the life of a blogger I guess! I do try and give away or sell as much as possible though, especially Violet’s stuff, she’s grown out of so much already so we’ve been sending bags of baby clothes to charity or to friends. I’ve kept the special baby clothes and stored them away in space bags which are really good for shrinking everything down and saving loads of room in cupboards or under the bed.

Get into a routine – daily/weekly/monthly jobs

I find getting up and doing my cleaning routine is second nature now, especially as I’m off on maternity leave so as soon as Violet has her morning nap I’ll get on with the cleaning before I get up and dressed myself. That means I start the day feeling like everything is in order. Now I have a routine with jobs I feel like I cover everything that needs doing around the house either daily, weekly or monthly. If you aren’t great at remembering what needs doing or creating a routine, there are some good cleaning schedules that are free to print out – Pinterest is full of great ideas like that.

Make it fun!

This is the most important tip – if you find cleaning a chore then make it fun! Put on music, challenge yourself to a speed clean, reward yourself in chocolate biscuits – do whatever it is that means you’ll get it done and feel pleased with yourself when the cleaning is over. And just remember when it’s done, you can put your feet up and enjoy the clean space too, so make sure you enjoy your hard work and efforts to the maximum too.


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  • Yes to all of these! I’ve sent Joe the link for the slippers, maybe we could train Meg to wear them – then she can clean as she goes! I cannot wait to get into our own place and have it sorted the way that makes me happy, I’m a fan of clean sorted spaces. I’m struggling a wee bit living with people again, readjusting!

    Honestly Aine

    • Haha, love it, they should do doggy slippers seeing as they are usually the ones making the mess! They do a microfibre babygro too, as soon as Violet is crawling she’ll be cleaning the floor too, haha! xx

    • They are a really great idea, especially with a dog as he drops hairs everywhere, even when I hoover they come back within seconds! xx

  • I agree with them all!! Also I had no idea method did a washing up liquid! I am in love with their foaming hand soap though!

  • I am still waiting for the day in which house chores would be fun for me, but sadly it’s not coming:) however having a routine helps, I have an hour in the morning after the kids are dropped at preschool/school that is dedicated to putting everything in order (bed, kitchen, laundry etc.) and only then I sit down to have my coffee in peace, it gives me the motivation I need:) I LOVE the Mari Kondo method!